Pinkish Brown Color

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rgb(194, 126, 121)

Pinkish brown color schemes are not just quite, they're also neutral. Usually, pinkish brown is the innovative choice for weddings and parties when you would like to make a special design statement with your gift wrap, tablecloths and decorations.

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Pinkish Brown Color

Pinkish Brown Color Explained (HEX Code)

It has a warm tone to it and is one of the warmest colors around. 

This color is commonly used as a background on websites.

The name itself follows from the order it appears in any blending system. The color itself, like most human skin tones, can range from dark to light depending on geographic location and time of year.

It has red, white, and black as secondary colors. It comes to us from the medium tone of burnt sienna.

It is appropriate for use in interior designs where both attractiveness and also an air of professionalism are required. Pinkish Brown is advisable to be used on walls, furniture and flooring.

Pinkish Brown Texture

Texture can make or break a design in many different ways. It can provide depth, realism, and even set tone for a design. 

If you're working on such a project, this article will help you choose the right texture and create something awesome.

Pinkish Brown Texture example with solid background

marble surface in pink tones

Rough concrete surface, in shades of pink
Rough plaster surface. In pink colors

Pinkish Brown Color in Design Industry 

Yet it's an excellent choice that can prove to be extremely useful in cases where you need a color to correct certain situations.

 It's a rich and deep color by nature, which means that it can help to enhance the aesthetics of an area of your home or even in your office. 

You don't have to use a lot of Pinkish Brown with other colors, but it does work very well with just about any other color combination that you try.

 The first meaning of pinkish brown is the possible reddish color mixed with the beige color to produce a 'warm' colour array that looks like red, but it's not red. 

The second meaning of pinkish brown is a bit lighter than the first one. 

It means it's close to grey, but also contains some yellow and sometimes even orange or red.

Interior Design

The color tone shows the shades of plums, grays and light pinks. It has a lot of variations that can be used to create different looks for every kind

The warm tone includes rich reds and lively oranges, while the cool tones include light and muted browns or grays. The combination of these two tones will create a very comforting environment.

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