Pinkish Red Color

April 22, 2024
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Pinkish red color is a very pleasant one and will suit the websites which want to impress their visitors obviously.

rgb(242, 41, 82)












Color Conversions

Color Model Code
HEX #F22952
RGB (242, 41, 82)
HSL (348°, 89%, 55%)
HSV (348°, 83%, 95%)
CMYK (0.00, 0.83, 0.66, 0.05)

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Pinkish Red Color
Pinkish Reddish color

When it comes to the recent history of color and its appearance, pink can be hard to define. It has had varying traits through time, and was even once agreed upon as a masculine color at one point or another. All of this depends on the definition of pink itself.

It radiates warmth and can freshen up a room. It's a fun color to decorate with and there are many things you can do to add the pinkish reddish color to your home. I have compiled my absolute favorites for you and listed them below.

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Pinkish Reddish Background

Pinkish Reddish texture
Pinkish Reddish texture

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