Salmon Color

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Salmon Color  is a between of pinkish-orange to light pink colors, named after the color of salmon flesh. Do you know why this color named as a salmon? Because all salmon in Australia is orange.

Best Combination

Salmon Color

Despite other new brand color names, Salmon using from 1700s. 

If you want to use salmon color in your next design work, you might want to check this greet list of pic with salmon color as well. 

3 different salmon color is exist. 

Light Salmon

Light Salmon HEX Code

Light Salmon Color is a light color scheme that brings into your desktop an array of fresh tones, hence making your eyes feel relaxed. You can use Light Salmon Color for everything you want, especially when you are trying to keep the eyes comfortable and fresh.

Salmon Pink

Salmon Pink HEX Code

Salmon Pink color can be associated with the feeling of being safe and secure. It is often used to promote healthy living. 
When it is used on office walls, the idea is to create a relaxed environment where people are not afraid to speak their minds. Salmon pink is also an inspiring color that motivates and energizes.

Dark Salmon

Dark Salmon HEX code

Colour is a vital part of design - it creates atmosphere, draws the eye, and influences how we feel. 

But there's a big difference between being able to recognize color theory and actually being able to use it in your own designs. If you're still learning, or if you're tired of looking like a rookie, then it's time to check out dark salmon color.

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