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Tea rose color is a color preferred by women in decoration. Watch out for the bathrooms you enter. You will see this color.

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Tea Rose
Tea Rose Color

The most of us know about tea roses color, which is has a lovely smell and exquisite.

Tea rose is a popular rose in the world, but some people do not know the tea rose color. I have searched many websites for tea rose color, but until now, they can not give me a satisfactory answer.

Then I go to the Rose Garden to find the real tea rose color. In fact, the common tea rose color is red purple or pink with white.

The beautiful tea rose flower is often a symbol for gratitude, friendship and traditional concepts of female beauty. Perhaps it's most well known sense of tradition comes from 17th Century England where steeple-chasing horse races were held that included contestants dressed in an elegant gown of tea rose colored silk, adorned with ribbons in their hair.

Often referred to as the "Sacred Flower of China" and believed to be cultivated in the remote province of Sichuan for over 3,000 years, tea roses (also known as bai hao) come into full bloom twice a year - in June and December.

You see it everywhere these days. You can’t escape a pure, light, pastel pink color.  Color evokes an emotion and it’s no different with tea rose color. The color pink is associated with sweetness, tenderness, softness, and also innocence.

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