Yellowish Green Color

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It is a color derived from the mixing of green, yellow and blue light. Yellowish Green was one of the original Crayola crayon colors when they were first made by Binney & Smith in 1903.

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Yellowish Green Color

While in the real world you won't find any yellowish green color, it's still important to know what it looks like.

I love this color because it's so unique, easy on the eyes and amazingly beautiful. I just want to wear everything in this color! 

This color is one of the many colors from the spectrum of green hues. Not everyone would love this color, but there's no denying its importance — especially if you're a person who loves to learn more about colors.

This is approximated to be the color that is halfway between the color yellow and the color green. It has a saturation level of 90 % and contains mostly yellow in its composition.

It is like a lime green but with some yellow in it. No one can deny the fact that it is an attractive color. When you close your eyes, you will see you are lying in the grass on a hot summer day while enjoying this yellowish green color which is surrounding you. 

This is why many people have chosen blue, black or red as their favorite color.

This color has been popular among homebuilders, builders, plumbers and electricians. People with yellowish green eyes prefer to wear green-colored clothes while others find they will feel nauseous if they wear a khaki-colored suit.

Yellowish Green Colors

Yellowish Green in Interior Design

It is an experimental color to use, thus it is surely not for everyone. So let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this unique color.

These two hues are combined with some blue color which makes the color having more pale and delicate look. The other characteristic of yellowish green color is that this specific colored painted makes a room seems wider than it actually is. This happens because of split complimentary combination; the best example can be by mixing red with green or blue with orange. The compatibility of yellowish green color in interior design utilizes the style of modernism to give out that casual yet still elegant look.

The color can be sophisticated, cozy, coherent and playful at the same time. Therefore, you will focus more on the various functions of this color in interior design with every type of effect provided.

In interior decoration, yellowish green is one of the most used colors for both indoor and outdoor decoration. But not all people know about this color, so to make sure you are using it in your home decoration, I’m going to explain what it means and how different types of this color look like when being applied outside or inside the house.

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