A6 Paper Size Guide

A6 is the third smallest paper size. If you're wondering about the A6 page size, you'll find the answer in this article. Read on to find out.

A6 page size is as follows in millimeter format: 105 x 148mm. If you need inch format measurements, here are the numbers you're looking for: 4.1 x 5.8 inches.

The A2 paper size was precisely four times the A4 size. Again, if we consider A4 as a unit of measure, A6 is also a quarter of A4.

It is a tiny paper and often used for small notes. Its size is similar to a check paper. It is not the same as the check papers. I have given such an example to make it easy to visualize.

Postcards are also usually printed on A6 size paper. Postcards are not used as much these days. However, it was still a popular communication tool in the early 2000s.

Beyond that, people used postcards to collect memories about the places they visited.

Today, we express the places we visit differently. We share Instagram photos wherever we go.


This article is about papers and their dimensions. Since writing has an important place in our culture, it is very typical for the issue to be dispersed in between, but I will keep the issue stable.

I have written articles about A series of papers before. You can reach all of them from this link. I also have articles on other subjects besides paper measurements.

Another interesting detail about the A6 page is that this size is the most used size after A4. Eagles are usually built to this extent. Of course, it is made on a thicker paper.

If you also want to design a postcard, you can take the a6 page size as your guide. Of course, knowing the size of your postcard is not enough. However, it would help if you also had a variety of inspiration for postcards.

The best place to find these inspirations is Pinterest. However, you can also find good examples in Dribbble and Behance.

The fewer people know the more creative and unique results you get.

If you want to use gradient colors in your design, you can also review my collection. You can sort the gradients in this collection by color or look mixed up.

I mentioned above A6 sheet sizes in inches and mm measurement units. If you need other measurement units, I recommend you to use converters on the Internet.

Because there are hundreds of different measurement units for other usage areas, and including all of these in the article will make things more complicated. Here I give you the raw figures, and you have free resources to convert them any way you want. The Internet is not entirely free, though. We pay a certain fee to stay connected to the Internet, and this fee is increasing.

But considering the price of paper, the Internet is still cheaper. We can find all the information on the Internet for free. However, the issue of exchanging information for money has become increasingly popular in recent years. Increasingly widespread use of ad-blocking programs reduced content producers' income. This decline prompted content producers to seek new revenue.

Now everyone sells their knowledge of money. Just as we accessed information from books before the Internet, we may have to pay money to access the information we see on the Internet in a few decades.

If you decide to buy a postcard from a country you are visiting, remember that it is made from a6 size paper.

Of course, postcards are not the only area of ​​use for this paper size. It is possible to see these paper-sized designs in various invitations.

Yes, people still use invitations printed on paper to invite other people. And the bigger they make these papers, the more successful they look. A6 paper size is the largest and most suitable invitation design size among these paper sizes.

I only go to some invitations because their invitations are very nice. Because I think the more beautiful the invitation, the more elaborate it is. It would be a bit funny to expect the cocktails in his bar to be good if he's not cared for, even an invitation.

Yes, in this article, I explained the a6 paper size in different formats. However, I also mentioned their usage areas. Also, show sources where you can find inspiration to design an excellent A6 page.

The more value is generated in a post, the more weight I developed in this article. I hope it helps you. See you.