Minus Symbol & Meaning ( − )

A simple mathematical sign like the minus symbol continually prompts some to go brainiac or resort to a calculator to ascertain its meaning in the underlying math. 

The minus sign is one of the common signs that are applied on the number lines and it indicates subtraction operation of 2 numbers or expressions.

The minus sign is a unary operator which is usually placed before the number or expression it operates upon: 

2-4=-2 and 2+4=6. 

Subtraction is done by adding the opposite of the second operand to the first operand: if there be two numbers, subtract the lesser from the greater, and if there be three numbers, subtract the middle from either extreme; as, 1 from 10, 9, and 8 from 23 gives 10-1=9; 9-8=1; 19-23=4.

It was originally proposed in 1844 by Swiss mathematician Johann Rahn as an abbreviation of the expression "minus BC", where BC stands for the Latin word "brevis" (meaning: short, little, or small).

Other Math Symbols

Math symbols are the shorthand representation of mathematical terms. They are made up of different combinations and orders of mathematical signs and operations. These symbols are used for notations in equations as well as in diagrams. 

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Why is math important?

Math is important for many reasons, but if you try to answer this question, the first thing that pops up in your mind is probably "to calculate". 

Numbers are everywhere. We can find numbers in the newspapers, on TV, at the theatre or on a computer screen. 

Addition, subtraction are names from math. Even counting is a form of mathematics. You might think it's the most simple thing in the world. 

But have you ever thought why we use it? If it isn't needed for everyday life then why do people waste their time learning math?

Math is an important tool that helps us solve problems and understand the world around us. It gives professions such as engineering, physics, and medicine a foundation for their work. 

By harnessing the power of numbers, professionals create new discoveries, solve the world's most challenging math equations, and develop life-saving medicines.

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