Unicode Characters: Currencies & Symbols & Greek

Today we will show you the coolest Unicode Characters Collection. You may find some of these characters very familiar, some you don't even know existed. 
"& " U+0026 \u0026
"◦ " U+25E6 \u25E6
"∙" U+2219 \u2219
"‣" U+2023 \u2023
"⁃" U+2043 \u2043
"°" U+00B0 \u00B0
"∞" U+221E \u221E
"$" U+0024 \u0024
"€" U+20AC \u20AC
"£" U+00A3 \u00A3
"¥" U+00A5 \u00A5
"¢" U+00A2 \u00A2
"₹" U+20B9 \u20B9
"₨" U+20A8 \u20A8
"₱" U+20B1 \u20B1
"₩" U+20A9 \u20A9
"฿" U+0E3F \u0E3F
"₫" U+20AB \u20AB
"₪" U+20AA \u20AA
"©" U+00A9 \u00A9
"®" U+00AE \u00AE
"℗" U+2117 \u2117
"™" U+2122 \u2122
"α" U+03B1 \u03B1
"β" U+03B2 \u03B2
"γ" U+03B3 \u03B3
"ε" U+03B5 \u03B5
"ζ" U+03B6 \u03B6
"η" U+03B7 \u03B7
"θ" U+03B8 \u03B8
"ι" U+03B9 \u03B9
"κ" U+03BA \u03BA
"λ" U+03BB \u03BB
"μ" U+03BC \u03BC
"ν" U+03BD \u03BD
"ξ" U+03BE \u03BE
"ο" U+03BF \u03BF
"π" U+03C0 \u03C0
"ρ" U+03C1 \u03C1
"σ" U+03C3 \u03C3
"φ" U+03C6 \u03C6
"φ" U+03C6 \u03C6

Each one of these unique characters can be used as an emoticon, in your website description or somewhere else on the Internet.

Unicode is a character encoding standard that supports over 110,000 characters from the world languages. 

The Unicode Standard is maintained by the Unicode Consortium, and as of this writing there are over 146 errata (from Version 5.1). 

Some of the Unicode characters are from math and science, ⊕ ,√π ⊗ ,ℤ ∞ , some are from computer encoding standards, 💻 ☎ ⌘ , and some have to do with communication, ✉ 🌎 ☞ ↠ .

Unicode Characters List

There are many very useful websites on the Internet that help to input unicode characters in your application, using many methods. 

Sometimes it makes sense to use one of your favorite websites, but sometimes it’s much more efficient just to copy and paste a bunch of symbols. 

For this reason, I decided to make a list with all the Unicode character codes, as well as copy & paste-able versions of each symbol.

Degree Symbol: U+00B0 = ° 

The degree symbol (°) is the preferred way to mark the temperature on universal and metric charts. 

Because fahrenheit doesn’t use a unit symbol in its degrees, it isn’t a legitimate unit of measurement if you aren’t using degree symbols. 

The degree symbol should not be replaced with the letter “F” or an actual degree symbol.  There are two options when using a real degree symbol expressed as ° – either in superscript below ( like this:57°F) or placed after the whole number – 100°C. An actual symbol is used even if it isn’t expressed with the C (if only expressed as 57°).

Infinity Symbol: U+221E = ∞

The Infinity Symbol represents the spiritual unity of nature, the realization that we're all part of some great infinite existence. From this eternal perspective, any concerns we have about our immediate surroundings are overshadowed by the power and mystery of nature. 

What you may think of as barriers are revealed to be misperceptions-the seeming obstacles evaporate.

Pound Symbol: U+00A3 = £

The pound currency symbol is the currency symbol used to represent the pound sterling in a number of countries. It is the international standard for denoting the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Pound, and also, historically in international commodity-trading markets, a unit of account that denotes one hundredth of a troy ounce of fine silver.

Copyright Symbol: U+00A9 = ©

The copyright symbol © must be the least put-there logo ever.

 It seems that at least 90% of the people who include it in the course of their typography usage have no idea what it means, nor how to use it. The good news is that you are here and I am here to tell you about what it means, and how to use it correctly.

Euro Symbol: U+20AC = €

­Euro Symbol – € is a symbol used to designate a currency amount of Euros. A Euro may be denoted by the currency sign or the abbreviation '€'. 

There are several rules regarding the use of this symbol. If it is not placed immediately before a number, there must be a space between the two. The Euro Sign became part of the official ISO4217 in 2011. This symbol forms our featured image for this blog post and takes inspiration from Apple iOS devices.

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