Blue and Yellow Flag With Stars: +5 Flags

Blue and Yellow are always colors that increase the aura of the designs they are added to. However, when it comes to the flags of official institutions (government, state, team), these two colors are not used very often together.

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Because a group that comes together by chance or for certain reasons (usually survival) makes a nation, it is the common values they have. And among the colors that represent these values, blue and yellow are scarce.

But still, some major states like India have blue in their flag colors.

I don't want to overwhelm you with an intro. I don't like introductions and prefaces.

If you're ready, let's start exploring the blue and yellow starry flags?

European Union

European Union flag

The European Union flag has a total of 12 stars. Most people think that the number of stars is related to the member states. This first logical reasoning is not true. This figure depicts perfectionism in European culture.

Yes, the number of members was 12 at first, but now it is more. There was no need to revise the flag for each added country.

Blue is the most dominant color in the flag. And it has a calming contrast.


Oregon flag

If you don't live in the United States, maybe you don't know the Oregon flag. But I will tell you something you know for sure. Damian Lillard!

Is it starting to look familiar now?

Portland, home to the trail blazers team, is located within this state's borders.

The Oregon region is one of the rare mountainous places in North America, which is generally a flat geography. The high altitude also affected the climate.

As for their flags, although it is a state, it has a long history from many countries.

Adopted in 1925, the flag is still in official use. The stars are not the main element in the design of this blue flag. But it still feeds the design nicely.

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The designer of the Alaska flag is Benny Benson. This orphan has decided on the flag of a province. Here is a fine example of American democracy. 

No matter what circumstance or circumstance you are, as long as you strive for something meaningful, you will be rewarded. This courage is truly an approach that liberates the soul of man. 

It can be observed that all countries with these values are successful.

You can see the original design of the flag above.

The scattered stars represent the constellations Ursa Major and Polaris. Representing hope and resilience, these stars are the ultimate proof that we should never underestimate a 13-year-old.


Indiana flag

The Indiana flag is almost as old as the continent of North America. Not geologically, of course. Geologically speaking, we're all babies.

The 19th state, Indiana, joined the United States in 1816. Interestingly, its flag was designed in 1917. Designing a flag 100 years after its inception is not uncommon among communities.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina flag

blue and yellow flag with stars
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