Blue Black White Flag: 2 Country Flags

Blue, white and black are not one of the most preferred color palettes in flag designs. But there are still flags with these colors. In this article, we will examine the flag of the two countries with this color palette and the other city and state flags.

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I want to start reviewing the flags without tiring you with more blog entries.

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The Estonian flag, in which the colors blue, black and white are arranged horizontally one below the other, has been used for almost 100 years.

Although the designer of the flag is unknown, it is seen in the historical notes that it was first used by university students. This is another proof that the University is a free institution that will affect the destiny of a nation in every field.

Although information is not monopolized by universities today and is distributed over the internet, the university as an ecosystem will continue to be one of the bastions of innovation beyond commercial concerns in the next 100 years.


Botswana flag

The blue of the flag of Botswana is similar to sky blue. There are also horizontal lines, but the colors and the width of the lines are not proportional to each other.

The main reason for this African country to use the color blue in the design of its flag is that they understand the importance of water as a society.

As the country suffered from water shortages from time to time, the most important needs and identities were determined, and this was also reflected in the official flag, which is the representative of the country.

Other Flags


Aargau flag

The flag of Aargau has been in use for almost 200 years. So where is this place?

It is the northernmost of Switzerland's Cantons. There are more than 200 municipalities in this wide area.

While there are three 5-pointed white stars on the left of the flag, there are three white wave symbols on the right.

The flag is different from traditional flag shapes, with black and blue creating a nice contrast. It reminds me more of a coat of arms.

Neutral Moresnet (1816–1920)

Neutral Moresnet flag

Saar (1920–1935)

Saar flag( 1920–1935)
blue black white flag

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