Red White Blue Flag With One Star: +5 Flags Explained

If you enjoy examining the meanings of flags, you will enjoy viewing the collection of red, white, blue and one-star flags.

Here we will examine the meanings of the flags created with this color palette.

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Although there are similarities in terms of color, the meanings of all flags are different from each other, as there are flags belonging to different ethnic groups and geographies. Although there are similarities, there is no official unity between these countries and cities politically.


Chile Flag

The official flag of Chile was adopted in 1817. The representation of the color blue is the sky. The representation of the color white is the Andes. 

The Andes are one of Chile's characteristic geographical features. It is important enough to have a place in their flag.

Rewriting the history of the Americas began with geographical discoveries. 

Both the North and South American regions have been reshaped. Here, Chile gained its independence after the period it spent under the Spanish colony and hoisted its flag.


  • This is the longest country in the south of the Americas. When viewed from space roughly, it has a country length of 4,300 km. Without being an expert, it is possible to see that Chile has an interesting structure just by looking at the world map.
  • In the census conducted in 2021, it was determined that the population of Chile is close to 20 million. 30 percent of these people live in the capital city of Santiago.
  • It has a prestigious place in the field of wine production.


Cuba flag

Another country that announced its flag to the world after the independence of Spain is Cuba. Choosing communism as the form of government, it created a sensation in history as the closest communist regime to the United States. Apart from that, it is a very colorful and enjoyable country.

After the independence of Spain, it came under the protection of the United States. The flag of the country, which regained its independence in 1902, is still the same since that day. The colors in the first version are lighter blue.

This is my favorite design among the Blue, Red and White single-star flags.


  • Cuba is an island country. It is known for its very high quality tobacco products, especially cigars. With their flavors, other cigar companies cannot compete with Cuba.
  • Its capital, Havana, is famous for its nostalgic colorful buildings.
  • The economic system of the country governed by the socialist regime is very different. Everyone gets almost the same salary. And private property is almost limited.
  • Dance and music permeated all its streets.

Puerto Rico

It is almost identical to the Cuban flag in terms of design colors and lines. But here the stripes are red. And the shade of blue given to the triangle is lighter.

Designed in 1895, the flag was adopted in 1995. Sometimes it takes longer than expected to bring ideas to life.


  • Its capital, San Juan, has colorful buildings and a historical texture. Tourism is one of the country's major sources of income.
  • Pina colada means fresh pineapple. It is the most famous cocktail in the country.
  • Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, and Marc Anthony are Puerto Ricans.

North Korea

North Korea flag


Panama flag


Liberia flag

Old Yugoslavia Flag (1946 - 1992)

Old Yugoslavia Flag (1946 - 1992)

The starry flag is from the time of the Federal Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia. This republic was established after the second world war.

Countless countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and northern Macedonia are within the borders of this country and have gained their independence today. 

You will appreciate that the red star is a reflection of the socialist regime, other colors are in horizontal sheriffs. The current flag is almost the same as this. There is no single different star.

Red White Blue Flag With One Star

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