Blue White Blue Flag: +5 Country Flags

The Blue White Blue flag collection features only repeating colorful flag designs. All designs in the list are current and official. As in other articles, old and historical but outdated flags are not included.

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While blue represents freedom, abundance and clarity, white is often used in flag designs as a complementary color as it represents cleanliness.

I previously wrote about the Blue and White flag collection. Here was every flag that used these two colors. In this collection, there are flag designs repeated by Blue.

Let's get to know these official country flags closely!


Argentina flag

The Argentinian flag emerged as a result of the independence movement in the early 1800s. The whole world knows this flag because we see this country's national football team very often in the world cup finals.

It is not a very developed country, even though it has been in a serious economic crisis for the last 10 years, culturally, the country has made a name for itself around the world.

World-famous football player Messi was also born in this country. And he still continues to play professionally.

Although its economy is bad, it ranks first in some products. Ethanol comes first.

Tango was born in this land. And it is also the national dance of all Argentines.

Another sector that enables the country to earn foreign currency is red meat. It exports red meat to the whole world. It is a large meat producer.

And finally, it has citizens who have won 5 Nobel Prizes. This is an indication of how important investments they have made in education and science, but that they have not been able to keep up with the changes over time.


Greece flag

It is one of the flags in which blue and white color is repeated very well. The reason why the blue is so dominant in the Greek flag is that they are the Aegean country. And at the same time, today's Greek state is actually an extension of the Hellenic civilization. This is why these colors were preferred.

If we consider Greece as a big cottage, we are not mistaken, there is a coastline over 13 thousand km. This number makes it a country with the longest coastline in Europe.

With its soft air and climate, it has been a place where they want to live in their old civilizations. The foundations of today's Western culture were therefore laid in this region.

Even the Olympic games are first organized here. The thoughts and approaches in ancient Greece matured the form of management in today's societies and laid the foundations


Honduras flag

Located in Central America, the territory of this country is very abundant. The average life expectancy rose to 67. When we write to Google, we cannot see many pictures in the visuals, which the natural beauties of the country are not yet discovered by the world.

The flag of Honduras reminds the flag of Argentina in many ways. It resembles the tone of blue used in the flag.


Israel flag

The flag of Israel is a flag with a blue star in the middle. The blue color repeats twice in this flag design. It was founded in 1948 and represents the Great Israeli state.

Since the country is in a position with historical buildings of all religions, it attracts millions of tourists every year with religious tourism.

It is an advanced country in many ways. There is no country with a similar standard of living in its geography. It is a large port city and also the favorite of technologically startups.

Tel Aviv is a startup center. Since there was no commercial agreement with neighboring countries, he had to earn money from products that create added value.

El Salvador

El Salvador flag

The flag of El Salvador is divided horizontally into three equal parts. Blue and white colors follow each other. Although the history of the design went to the beginning of the 1900s, the official acceptance in 1972.

No independence can be achieved in one day. The flag, which was used in the actions in the early days, succeeded in becoming the official symbol of a country. This plot ranking is similar to almost most countries' independence.

In fact, the first symbol of independence begins with the flag before it is achieved.

El Salvador has made a name for the bold decisions that he has taken in the financial sector in recent years.

As you know, Bitcoin made it one of the accepted currencies of the country.

Although it may seem risky for today to choose as an asset currency that changes value as a very volatility, perhaps even as the most genius decision taken when it is re -evaluated years later.


Guatemala flag

One of the most aesthetic designs of blue and white is the flag of Guatemala. Sky blue color on the right and left sides of the design consisting of three vertical pieces. This is a Central American country adjacent to Mexico.


Nicaragua flag


Holon flag

Billings, Montana

Billings, Montana flag

Guayas Province

Guayas Province flag

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