Green and Yellow Flag: +20 Official Flags

Before we start examining flags with these colors, we can talk about the meanings of green and yellow. This perspective helps us better understand how the flags in the list below are shaped.

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Yellow represents the country's gold mines and power, and although green represents nature, it is also used for religious reasons in the middle east.

There is a serious connection between the religion of Islam and the Green.

Country Flags


Brazil flag

The whole world knows the Brazilian flag. The biggest reason for this is their success in the world cup.

Let's take a closer look at the story of this timeless design flag.

The most distinctive feature of the design, the Blue circle, represents the independence of the country. And below it says progress. It is a serious message that shows the culture and values of a country.


Jamaica flag

Jamaica's motto is truly encouraging. If you haven't heard of it before, you will love it.

Here it is: "Out of Many, One People."

So why did I mention this? Because the colors of the flag are directly proportional to this slogan, which reflects the values of the country.


Senegal flag

Colors: There are green, yellow and red colors in the flag of Senegal. These colors are traditional African colors that are symbols of the Pan-Africanism movement and are often used in African independence struggles.

Green: The green color on the flag represents the importance of Islam in Senegal, as well as agriculture and the country's natural wealth. 

Yellow: The yellow color on the flag represents wealth and progress. It also represents the country's ideals of enlightenment, knowledge and education. 

Red: The red color on the flag symbolizes dedication and courage. Red represents the sacrifice and determination of the Senegalese people for independence and freedom.

Sao Tome and Principe

Sao Tome and Principe flag

The flag of São Tomé and Príncipe includes the colors green, yellow and red. In addition, there are two black stars in the upper left corner of the flag.

Black Stars: The two black stars in the upper left corner of the flag symbolize the country's two main islands, São Tomé and Príncipe, and represent the unity of the islanders.

Other Flags


Circassian flag

Circassians are made up of different ethnic groups such as Adyghe, Kabardian, and Shapsug living in the Northwest Caucasus

These groups are considered one of the indigenous peoples of the North Caucasus and share a common language, culture and history.

Circassians are also known for their traditional clothes. 

A typical Circassian outfit for men includes shalwar-like trousers, wide belts, and a cone-shaped cap called a Kalpak. Women, on the other hand, usually wear long and elegant dresses and wear a special headdress on their heads.


Caacupé flag

Caacupé is located in a beautiful area surrounded by the hills and valleys of the Cordillera Region. These geographical features increase the tourist attraction of the city and provide opportunities for outdoor activities.

Caacupé's economy is based on agriculture and service sectors. Products such as corn, sugar cane and peanuts are grown in the region. In addition, the service sector, which has developed due to religious tourism, makes significant contributions to the economy of the city.


Caernarfonshire flag

Caernarfonshire is a region with historically significant structures and sites. The most important of these is Caernarfon Castle, built in the 13th century and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Within the borders of Caernarfonshire is Snowdonia National Park, Wales' largest and most famous national park. 

The park is home to Wales' highest mountain, Snowdon, and offers a variety of outdoor activities for nature lovers.

El Oro Province

El Oro Province flag

The flag of the state of El Oro consists of three horizontal stripes. It has blue stripes at the top, white in the middle, and red at the bottom. Blue to the Pacific Ocean and to sea transportation; white, peace and tranquility; the red represents gold mining and wealth in the state.

Vichada Department

Vichada Department flag

The capital of the Vichada Department is Puerto Carreño. Puerto Carreño is located on the banks of the Orinoco River and is an important transportation and commercial center of the region.

Cattle breeding and fishing activities are especially important in the region. In addition, forestry and tourism also contribute to the economy of the region.

Pastaza Province

Pastaza Province flag

The capital of Pastaza province is Puyo. Puyo is an important tourist and economic center in the Amazon region of the country. The city is famous for its tropical climate and impressive natural beauty.

green and yellow flags

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