+20 November Colors: Warm Shades and Hues

May 12, 2024

November Colors are actually the colors of autumn. Vivid green tones give way to light brown colors. The change of nature also affects our color choices.

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Humans are a species affected by natural events. There is no species that can survive for thousands or even millions of years without adapting to nature. 

Therefore, it is not our fault that we feel the colors and weight of autumn within us. This is the result of our nature.

During this period, green does not leave us completely, but light and vibrant green leaves its place to dark green colors. The main reason for this is that evergreen trees often have dark green hues.

Autumn contains the months that restrain the rush of summer and help us find our energy again.

However, people who do not like to travel in extreme heat can travel more often during these months. 

Both the prices are a little more affordable compared to the summer months, and the weather conditions become more efficient for traveling. You can have a much more enjoyable holiday as the crowd decreases.

Main November Colors

November Colors

When we look at the vegetables grown in November, we see that nature gives us the colors we mentioned above under all conditions. Red cabbage... is a deep purple color. 

The carrot also represents a deep orange color. Potato and eggplant are other products grown in this period and represent dark tones.

Now let's examine the main colors representing this period one by one! 

Mustard yellow

Mustard yellow with HEX

This color is obtained from the mustard plant. And it has many shades from dark to light. It becomes fashionable again every ten years. 

It is generally known as a positive tone color. Otherwise, it would not have continued to be used for all these years.

Coffee brown

Coffee brown with HEX

There was a great dialogue in a movie whose name I can't remember. We are the coffee generation. Indeed, coffee is an addictive product that has become widespread recently. No need to talk about the benefits and harms. All I can say is that it is very tasty.

Different shades of this color come from different forms of coffee, the color that is darker than the bean becomes lighter when ground and starts to darken when brewed for re-cooking.


Burgundy with HEX

This dark, noble and striking color is especially suitable for long women's dresses. It takes its name from burgundy wines. You will recognize them when you see them, they have a dark and absorbing texture.

This color is also associated with wealth, although I don't know why.


Red color with HEX

I'm sure we've mentioned it many times before, but I also like to rewrite it here. Red is known as the color of love and beyond that, it represents audacity.

This color is obtained by mixing blue and yellow.

Dark green

Dark green with HEX

The basic representation of this color is a healthy life. So why does it represent this? Think about it, when all the trees drop their leaves in the fall, which trees remain intact? Pine trees. What color are the leaves of pine trees? Dark green.

You got the point.

Name Color Hex
Maroon #800000
Goldenrod #DAA520
Rust #B7410E
Amber #FFBF00
Olive #808000
Sienna #A0522D

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