Red Black Green Flag: Flags With These Colors

May 13, 2024

Flags with black, green and red colors look remarkable. However, only 4 countries (currently 3) have used these colors together in their flag. The first of these is the Pan African flag!

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We will cover the rest of the list in this article.

It would not be wrong to consider the selection of flags of similar colors as a coincidence, despite being in different geographies. Nevertheless, it is not difficult to observe that there are countries with culturally shared value patterns.


Pan-African flag

This flag uses the colors green, red and black as horizontal stripes. Also known as the African American flag.

It is a flag adopted in 1920 for the representation of the African black nation. Marcus Garvey is the designer of the flag.

As in other flags, the value represented by the color red in this flag is the price to be paid.

Black represents the color of the race they belong to, so it is very important and meaningful.

In green, it represents the home of thousands of tree species and living things where they come from. Africa is a continent with very fertile lands and a unique nature.

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Malawi flag

Malawi is a landlocked country. It has no coastline, it is located in the south of Africa but also in the north of South Africa. Its official name is the Republic of Malawi.

The total land area of the country is close to 120 thousand km. 30 percent of this area is forest. This is a really big number. 25 percent is wetland. Most of the remaining parts consist of agricultural land and pastures. Its cities are small and do not occupy a large area in terms of surface area.

It declared its independence in 1964. After this date, they started to use their current flags. The flag consists of three horizontal stripes. The first stripe is black. The middle stripe is red. When we come to the bottom lane, we see the green color.

Karelia (1920 - 1922)

Karelia (1920 - 1922) flag

Karelia is an independent buffer zone between Russia and Finland. Both nations want to annex this region to their lands. For this reason, they have frequently chosen different flags over the years.

The red, green and black colored flag was used in the early 1900s. It is shaped like a cross. And you can see the full original version above.

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan flag

Color Meanings General

Another reason for the similar color choices of these completely different countries is that the meanings attributed to colors are universal.

Why do you have a design with a red black and green flag? Because you might care about green. And you might want to emphasize that green energy is important to the country's future.

In this part of the article, we will examine the meanings attributed to these colors in different cultures, regardless of flags.


One of the colors that people in cities miss the most is green. Green spaces give people confidence. In fact, nature in general gives people confidence. 

The fact that such a dangerous environment gives people peace is actually one of the results of a contradiction within itself.

Research shows that people feel more comfortable in nature.

When the reasons for this change in mood were examined, it was discovered that an environment in which people were not judged was the biggest factor that positively changed their mood.

In other words, one knows for himself, sees what goes through his mind, and the possibility that other people judge him in the same way is disturbing. Since this is not the case in nature, a more enjoyable life is created.

Green equals comfort, peace and abundance. Looking at the red, black and green flags, let's examine why countries use this color.

In addition to the above meanings of green, it is also seen as a representation of alliance in the field of country diplomacy. Friendship and peace are also seen among the messages given by this flag.


All valuations about the color black are cultural. And it varies from society to society. However, black has a characteristic that affects every society, people and culture equally!

If you wear black, it makes you look weak. This is always the case.

But when it comes to countries, different reasons for choosing the color black may come to mind.

It is possible to see this color on the flags of countries that want to instill the idea that the country is strong and that its people are loyal to their nation.


Even though red is considered as the color of love and lust, when the issue is evaluated in terms of the country, it expresses the blood spilled for the country. The main reason why red is used so much in national flags is that it is the most concrete equivalent of the price paid for the land.

Red, black green flags
Name Short Description
Pan-African (African American flag) Horizontal stripes: green, red, black (Africa, blood price, race)
Malawi Horizontal stripes: black, red, green (after independence in 1964)
Karelia (1920-1922) Cross-shaped flag (historical)
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Details to be added...

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