Red Blue Green Flag: Azerbaijan and Other 10 Flags

On the world map we see the colors of the blue, green and red flags. In this blog, under the title Red Blue Green Flag, we focus on the flags of Azerbaijan and 10 other countries. 

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These flags are important symbols that reflect the history, culture and values of the countries. 

Let's explore this colorful world together!

Country Flags


Azerbaijan flag

The Azerbaijani flag, like a song flying out of the sky, expresses enthusiasm with blue, red and green colors. Blue represents Turkish roots, red represents progress, and green represents Islam. 

This riot of colors is adorned with a white crescent and eight-pointed star. 

The flag flies here and there like a poet describing the spirit of Azerbaijan. The story of the flag of Azerbaijan is the epic of a country that once declared its independence and sought its own identity. 

The dance of blue, red and green colors bears witness to Azerbaijan's proud history, rich culture and beliefs. 

When you see the flag, you can get lost in imagining the beauty and fascinating nature of Azerbaijan. To put it in Bukowski's language, the flag of Azerbaijan is like a poem that conveys the love and spirit of a country's freedom.


Eritrea flag

The Eritrean flag tells its story with the enthusiastic dance of colors, green, red and blue. Green, agriculture and animal husbandry; blue, the richness of the sea; red represents the blood spilled for the sake of independence. 

A golden olive branch and a wreath are seen in the center of the flag. Eritrea's history is full of freedom struggles and search for identity. This flag is like a storyteller who tells the stories of the resistance of his people and his proud nation. 


Gambia flag

The Gambia flag tells a joyful story, as does the dance of the colors red, blue and green. The colors, separated by thin white lines, wink at the energy and vibrant culture of the country. While red represents the warmth and enthusiasm of the sun; blue sings the sad song of the Gambia River. 

New Caledonia

New Caledonia flag

New Caledonia is a magical island that conquers hearts with two flags. In 2010, the islanders reflected their cultural richness and history by hoisting the Kanak flag alongside the French flag. 

The French flag, with the harmonious combination of blue, white and red, represents the bond and belonging of New Caledonia with France; The Kanak flag, on the other hand, reflects the island's indigenous people's desire for independence and their cultural essence. 

Side by side, the two flags bridge the past and future of New Caledonia and become a hopeful symbol of the search for a "common destiny" for the islanders.


Mauritius flag

Mauritius' colorful flag elevates the energy and diversity of the island. Red represents the struggle for freedom, blue represents the location in the Indian Ocean, yellow represents the freedom light and green represents fertile agriculture throughout the year. 

This four-colored band is also the symbol of the political parties that unite the people of the island. Mauritius is reminiscent of a corner of paradise with its stunning nature and tropical beaches. 


Namibia flag

The Namibian flag appeared in 1990 in the excitement of independence celebrations. This flag, filled with blue saluting the sky, red reflecting the struggle of the heroes, and green singing the sad song of nature, tells the unique story of the country. 

With its diagonal line, the flag of Namibia shows its original and bold identity. It is as if this beautiful country draws attention to its history and future with the dance of colors.

South Africa

South Africa flag

Emulating the rainbow, the South African flag has been flying enthusiastically across the sky in six colors since it was adopted in 1994. 

The passion of red, the serenity of blue and the hope of green dance in a "Y" shape and meet the black triangle and yellow stripes. This riot of colors pays homage to the country's history and different origins. The flag represents the harmony of various cultures and the richness of South Africa. 

This colorful flag evokes smiles and joy in those who see it, explaining the vibrant and exciting nature of South Africa.

Other Flags


Dagestan flag

The Romani People

The Romani People flag

Republic of Karelia

Republic of Karelia flag

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