Red Flag With Moon And Star: 2 Country Flag

Although the crescent and star generally have Islamic values, this is not exactly the case for Turkey. Islam was preferred later for the Turks, a nomadic community that adopted a life on horseback. And for a long time, it was not involved in religion and state affairs.

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Anyway, I think it would be more accurate to tell the rest in the Turkey section.

When the red flag is used, it usually represents the lives sacrificed in order to gain the land of the homeland. The moon and the star are also their radiance reflected on that sacrifice in the dark of night.

If you wish, let's start examining the crescent and star red flags without further ado.


Turkey flag

Turkey is a country that geographically connects Europe and Asia. In the west there is prosperity, in the east there is usually war. I don't mean east or west of the country. Neighboring countries in the west and neighboring countries in the east live very different lives from each other.

The country is one of the rare countries that experience 4 seasons. Although this situation is slowly changing with global warming, it still has much nicer weather compared to Western European and Scandinavian countries.

As you know, the 19th century was the end of the Empires. With the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the Republic of Turkey was established with a great victory under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal.

This country, which has earned the respect of even the countries it has fought, is celebrating its 100th anniversary today.


Tunisia flag

The Tunisian flag is 195 years old. Compared to the Turkish flag, the two flags are almost identical, except for a circle surrounding the crescent and star. This distinctive circle in the middle was actually used to symbolize the bright future of the country.

Tunisia is a country in North Africa. Its closest neighbor in the sea is the island of Malta.

Even though it is located in Africa, it actually carries the characteristics of a typical Mediterranean country, they are in a very good position for chamomile tea and olive oil. When we evaluate it culturally, the mosaic museum, which is the largest in the world, is actually here.

An interesting fact is that the names of the country and the capital are the same.

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