Red Flag With Star: +5 County Flags

Red color and stars; It represents courage, freedom, unity and hope. In our "Red Flag With Star: County Flags" blog, we'll review red and star country flags. We will shine a light on the unique aspects of cultures with the stories and meanings of these flags.

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Flags are symbols that reflect the character and values of nations. In this blog, we will pay homage to the freedom of countries and peoples by exploring the meanings of unique flags around the world. 

Let's start the journey in this colorful mosaic!


Turkey Flag

The Turkish flag, decorated with a white crescent and star on a striking red background, has been the symbol of many victories and turning points throughout history. 

Representing the blood of martyrs and hope in the sky, this colorful flag reflects Turkey's pride and identity in the international arena. 

The Turkish flag, bearing the traces of historical adventures stretching from Kosovo to Çaldıran, appeared before us in its final form in the Republican period.

Turkey's best feature is its rich historical and cultural heritage. Carrying the traces of thousands of years of civilizations, Turkey offers an unforgettable experience with its natural beauties, historical structures, unique tastes and hospitable people.


Morocco Flag

The Moroccan flag is a fascinating symbol that carries the mysterious colors of history and culture, decorated with a green five-pointed star on a red background. Red is of great historical significance in Morocco in connection with the royal 'Alawid dynasty' and denotes descendants of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. 

Also used by the sheriffs of Mecca and the imams of Yemen, the color red symbolizes the rule in Morocco since the 17th century.

The Moroccan flag, adopted by Sultan Yusuf in 1915, combines a green five-pointed star with a red background. This green star represents the five pillars of Islam, while the red symbolizes ancestral blood and unity. The flag was still used when Morocco was under French and Spanish colonization, but its use at sea was prohibited.

The five-pointed star on the Moroccan flag represents an Islamic symbol, also known as the Seal of Solomon. The colors of the flag are described as bright red and palm green, while the RGB colors used on the Kingdom of Morocco's website and CMYK and Pantone colors that are roughly equivalent for printing are also available.


China flag

The Chinese flag is known for a bright red background with five gold stars. The red color symbolizes the Chinese Communist Revolution, which represents a revolutionary era, while the five stars and the relationship between them reflect the unity of the Chinese people led by the Communist Party of China. 

This unique design was created by the Chinese People's Liberation Army at the ceremony proclaiming the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. 

It was hoisted on a pole in Beijing's Tiananmen Square and adopted as a flag. 

The flag of China is a powerful and meaningful symbol that celebrates the country's rich history and culture, and represents the shared identity and pride of billions of people around the world. 

This eye-catching flag promotes China's national unity and solidarity, while emphasizing the country's importance and influence in the international arena.

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Vietnam flag

The Vietnamese flag is full of energetic and warm colors that reflect the spirit of the country! 

The five-pointed golden yellow star on a crimson background symbolizes Vietnam's strong and united stance. The corners of this bright star represent the country's five core classes - intellectuals, farmers, workers, entrepreneurs and soldiers. 

The flag also tells the brave and libertarian past of the Vietnamese people

The red background expresses the revolutionary spirit of the people and its history written in blood, while the golden yellow star indicates that each individual has come together for the future of the country. With all these meanings, the Vietnamese flag is a warm symbol that pays homage to the country's history and culture!


Nepal flag

The Nepal flag is the world's only non-rectangular flag and represents a brave spirit. 

With the perfect union of two triangular shapes, it contains the symbols of the moon and the sun on a red background. Red reflects the color of courage and Nepal's national flower, the rhododendron, while the blue frame represents peace and harmony. 

The moon and sun show the contrast between the cool air of the Himalayas and the warmth of the southern plains, symbolizing Nepal's eternal existence. 

Different and unique from any flag you've ever seen, the Nepal flag is like a work of art that reflects the rich culture and history of this beautiful country.

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