Best +20 Solana Dapps in Ecosystem

Ethereum is the most popular blockchain platform and currently has the second highest market capitalization, behind Bitcoin. 

With a strong developer community and many different dapp (decentralized applications) platforms on Ethereum, Solana wants to rise above the rest. 

To learn more about the interesting Solana project, you can check out our full list with top Solana Dapps in Ecosystem.

The Solana ecosystem is growing fast, and we're very excited to see dapp developers building on top of our core infrastructure layer. There are already some great dapps being built on Solana, and I think it's important to document these applications for the benefit of other dapp developers.

Let’s Dive into it

Raydium (defi)

Raydium homepage

Raydium is the non-custodial DEX built on Solana. Raydium enables users to trade quickly, cheaply, and privately with other people. 

It also offers high-liquidity launches for projects and has a suite of features powering the evolution of DeFi. 

Raydium supports decentralized exchange of tokens at scale and throughput, providing ecosystem-wide liquidity for users and projects while enabling cross-chain trading with Trustless bridges such as BTC and ETH Support (i.e., via Serum). 

Marinade Finance (defi)

Marinade Finance Landing Page

Marinade Finance is revolutionizing the high-stakes game of staking by enabling a seamless and secure way for Solana token holders to earn staking rewards without locking in their funds.

What’s the difference between staking and borrowing? 

Normally, you would have to give up control of your tokens in exchange for lending them. Not anymore. 

Solana has created a new layer that allows you to both stake and borrow your funds. This is possible thanks to mSOL – an asset that represents the right to stake SOL in the future.

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Solend (defi)

Solend Landing Page

Solend provides algorithmic lending and borrowing on the world’s first open financial rail. Solend's protocol enables individuals and institutions to lend different assets with little to no friction. 

These funds can then be borrowed for all kinds of uses, such as margin trading or decentralized finance applications.

Saber (defi)

Saber Landing Page

Saber is great for traders who want to trade stable pairs instantly with low slippage and minimal fees, liquidity providers who want to earn yield from transaction fees, liquidity incentives, and more, developers who want to integrate deep on-chain liquidity for earning and trading with stables, and users of Defi who want an easy-to-use, high quality product.

Magic Eden (marketplace)

Magic Eden Landing Page

Welcome to Magic Eden, a Solana-powered NFT marketplace with 0% listing fee and 2% transaction fee. They support both cross-chain and on-chain transactions, so you can buy/sell both native Solana assets with other collectibles from various different blockchains all in one stop.

Larix (defi)

Larix Landing Page

Larix is an open source digital financial protocol for creating, issuing, and trading digital assets. Larix builds on top of the Metaverse blockchain to create a financial market for digital assets. 

Larix enables developers to create their own tokens that can be traded in a secure, automated, and transparent manner. 

Larix also brings together buyers and sellers of digital assets into one place. Larix will enable developers to build new kinds of markets and financial products that were not possible before.

Crema Finance (defi)

The financial markets have always presented an opportunity to offer rewards to those who provide liquidity. 

However, liquidity is hard to maintain without concentrated and collated financial mechanisms. Crema is a concentrated liquidity protocol that allows users to swap assets and earn rewards. Earning rewards for your investments has never been this simple. It brings you the best market depth and price slippage reduction available on the market today. 

Mercurial (defi)

Mercurial Landing Page

Mercurial Finance is the first rewards-based currency trading platform powered by Jupiter. 

It is a secure, efficient and universal system that allows users to exchange their currencies in an instant. 

Users are able to access this anywhere at any time, allowing for a more convenient experience when trading money with other people. 

Because it has a low price impact, users can expect to keep a larger portion of their earnings.

Solanart (marketplace)

Solanart Landing Page

Solanart is a trustless non-custodial NFT marketplace built on the Solana network. 

The platform will allow users to easily create and sell their own collectible NFTs, but most importantly for the artists who want to share their own unique digital creations with the world. 

All artwork on Solahart is held by the artist or creator themselves - nobody else has custody or control over it.

Solsea (marketplace)

Solsea Landing Page

Solsea is a decentralized marketplace for buying and selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are unique digital collectibles that you can buy and sell. As the first NFT marketplace with licenses embedded in its smart contracts, Solsea is a hub where creators, collectors, traders and fans gather. 

A verified collection system ensures the legitimacy of all listed collections and the wide variety of collections lets you explore new horizons such as art, entertainment, and fashion.

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SolaJump (game)

SolaJump Landing Page

SolaJump is a crypto collectible game that pays you in crypto for playing. SolaJump is a digital NFT collection secured on the blockchain. 

When you take home your digital collectible, it belongs to you completely and only you can control it. Each NFT is equally valuable and has its own unique story to tell.

ExchangeArt (marketplace)

ExchangeArt Landing Page

ExchangeArt is a peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Our platform is designed to make it easy for artists, creators, and independent designers to post and sell their work. It also makes it easy for collectors to browse amazing works of art and purchase directly—cutting out the middle men. There’s even a feature that helps you find just what you are looking for in our collection by using visual cues like shape and color.

DigitalEyes Market (marketplace)

DigitalEyes Market Landing Page

DigitalEyes Market is the first open and permissionless NFT marketplace on Solana. In addition, it is a non-custodial decentralized exchange (DEX), where people can trade safely and securely without having to trust any third party with their money or risk losing their funds due to being hacked.

MeanFi (defi)

MeanFi (defi) Landing Page

MeanFi will provide a simplified yet powerful interface that brings the functionality and security benefits of DeFi up to a level of usability and reliability that can be broadly adopted globally.

You can invest in crypto without having to worry about it being stolen, lost, or encountering problems when you want to access your funds. 

Through MeanFi, you also get access to virtual bank cards that you can use on any traditional debit or credit card terminal anywhere in the world. 

This is truly taking finance into the future - by integrating decentralized protocols and applications in an easy-to-use interface that anyone can understand.

Allbridge (defi)

Allbridge (defi) Landing Page

Allbridge is an application that moves assets between different blockchains. By bridging between EVM compatible blockchains and non-EMV compatible blockchains, Allbridge enables decentralized exchanges to support both types of tokens without service interruption from the exchange. 

It also allows you to exchange unpopular tokens for popular tokens and back again without losing value. How does it work? When two transactions occur at the same time, a tunneller publishes both of them in blocks on their respective platforms, waiting for confirmation from both before swapping them around. 

This ensures that the user receives their intended token. The tunnellers are rewarded by stakers who want to gain access to discounts on their own transfers, meaning there will always be someone ready when you need your assets moved around.


Chikin Landing Page

Chikin is a blockchain-based ecosystem that allows chicken farmers to raise and distribute chickens without the need for an egg industry middleman. Farmers earn ChikinCoin (CKC) by raising chickens on the Solana network, and consumers use CKC to purchase chicken products from farmers. Chikin is the first chicken-based cryptocurrency—everything we do revolves around our passion for creating a better way to buy eggs.

Racefi (game)

Racefi Landing Page

RaceFi is a car racing game where you can race in real-time against other players to win prizes like USD and Crypto. 

As the world's first AIML car racing game, RaceFi exists in metaverse, a decentralized virtual space which enables players to interact, engage and own a piece of their favorite game. 

This solution is powered by Solana's lightning fast blockchain technology. 

Uniquely designed as an artistic fusion between smart contract and NFTs, RaceFi enables everyone to own a piece of the game they love, just as they would own a collectible card from your favorite anime series. 

All cars in RaceFi are AI-controlled and completely decentralized - making the platform truly unique.


Audius Landing Page

Audius is a Solana-based music streaming platform. Shortly after launch, it became one of the most popular apps in the crypto space by providing a service that can be much better than legacy services.

Grape Protocol

Grape Protocol Landing Page

Grape Protocol is a social networking platform that is decentralized and allows users to have more control over their account permissions. 

It uses a dynamic balance-based membership solution to give users access permissions and rights based on their wallet balances.

Users with 30 SOL in their wallets are automatically added to the private grape testnet community. Grape Protocol is the first application built on the Solana blockchain, which provides fast transaction processing and easy scalability while maintaining decentralization. Landing Page

Wumbo is the easiest way to support, discover, and own your favorite creators. Wumbo lets you mint tokens for your favorite creators—in under 30 seconds. Want to join an artist's fan club? Or maybe you're just a big fan of their work and want to show your support. With Wumbo, you can help support your favorite artists and influencers by minting tokens directly on their Twitter feeds. You can also use Wumbo to follow other people's tokens and see what kind of things they're backing.


Brave Landing Page

Protect your privacy, enjoy faster web browsing, and earn crypto for your attention on the web. Brave Browser is a web browser that blocks ads and trackers, making it safer, faster, and better for the user experience compared to other browsers such as Google Chrome

Built-in ad-blocking and 3rd-party extension blocking protects users from harmful ads and data leaks. Faster page loads save you time by reducing the amount of information you need to download when browsing the internet. 

If you want to earn money for your attention on the web, Brave Rewards allows you to earn BAT tokens for viewing privately-matched ads in your browser. In addition to all these great features, Brave also has a customizable news feed so that you can be up to date with what’s going on in the world. 

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