+20 Solana Games You Should Try (Play & Earn)

For anyone that still thinks video games are just for kids, it’s never been more clear that this is far from the truth. 

Whether you’re looking for a fun break in-between meeting deadlines or a fit of rage after a bad day, there are plenty of solana games out there to help you decompress and have some fun. 

So instead of retreating to your standard time-waster like games, discover one (or all) of the solano games.

A rising claim can be heard around the internet — that the gaming industry is changing, and with it the ways in which people earn their money. With the evolution of technology, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, we are witnessing a whole new gaming market growing at a rapid pace. 

As such, a new means to obtain income has been introduced to this industry, one that is referred to as Play2Earn (play-to-earn) games.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas Landing Page

Star Atlas is a simulation game that immerses players in an interactive map of the universe and gives them the tools they need to explore space from their home computers or mobile devices. The game allows players to start easy and learn about space exploration as they go. 


Hoglympics Landing Page

Hoglympics is a first-of-its-kind game marrying esports and blockchain. The main goal of Hoglympics is to introduce the world to the possibilities of virtual space in the gaming industry, initially through offering incentives for players of sports games.

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Chainers Landing Page

Users will be able to use Chainers' DAO to vote on features, events, and changes in the game.Our goal is to create an innovative community-driven project where any user can join and contribute. We are building this so that anyone interested in blockchain technology and its potential applications (gaming, virtual worlds, etc.) can get involved.


MYCRYPTOCITY is a space-themed mobile game that allows players to engage in a first person shooter experience while being able to play in the Solana Network. Each player has their own ship and gets to create their own personality. The more you play, the stronger you become, which allows players to personalize how they want the game’s unique story to develop. 


SpaceFalcon Landing Page

SpaceFalcon is a blockchain-based metaverse that enables players to immerse in a classic space shooter, collect sci-fi NFTs from cosmos and explore the Solanaverse. The game will feature a wide variety of spaceships and weapons with their own unique characteristics and gameplay mechanics.

These unique pieces of art are crafted by artists from all over the world and can be used for multiple purposes in the Game, like player avatars or special abilities.You can use our NFTs in other games as well.

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Tribeland Landing Page

Tribeland is the world's first metaverse MMO that is play-to-earn, meaning players can earn rewards for playing the game. 

Set in the Stone Age, Tribeland allows players to use their imagination to explore a virtual world where they can hunt and fight dinosaurs, build weapons and tools, and do many other things with other players in a fantasy land. 

Tribeland also has its own currency with value equivalent to real money, which makes this an interesting experiment as a way to earn money while having fun!


Afflarium Landing Page

Afflarium is a blockchain-based massively multiplayer online virtual universe and marketplaces for assets, in-game goods, land, services and more. You can play and explore different worlds, have adventures and earn money while you play (with our currency Sol.) The only limit to what you can do is your imagination and you’ll be part of a real economy. 


ToyPoodleCoin Landing Page

ToyPoodleCoin is a new type of money that you can use to buy things with. It is based on the Solana platform, which is a powerful competitor of Ethereum. 

You can get ToypoodleCoin by taking care of a virtual puppy, or by trading it on exchangesPlays for an ECO WorldPlays for an eCO WorldWithin the Metaverse, where all interactions between players occur, your toypoodlecoin NFT is fundamental and irreplaceable. 

You can also fight or play with other NFTs controlled by real users in this metaversoWith P2PPlay you will have the opportunity to have a digital puppy, with whom you can interact through commands integrated within the p2p protocol.


Solmoverse l

Think about owning a piece of virtual property that no one else has. Finally, picture the potential to discover anything from new friends on other planets, to life-changing ideas hidden in the far corners of space. 

All this and more is possible with Solmoversse — an infinite Blockchain-based pixel game built with Solana. In solmoverse every player will be able to collect unique pixel-planets that can be shared, traded or even visited by other players. 

Your very own planet comes with 200 attributes and 500 different planet templates, ensuring that everyone receives their own unique planet.


Panzerdogs Landing Page

Panzerdogs is a game where you will deal with tanks and artillery. Players will be able to win in-game valuables that can be used in future battles, as well as bragging rights, which can be ultimately displayed on NFTs, otherwise known as blockchain collectibles.

Boss Fighters

Boss Fighters is a Free-to-Play gaming universe where players battle against or as a powerful monster boss against other players on PC. Boss Fighters is a VR vs PC gaming experience where you can play against or as a monster boss from the comfort of your couch. 

Play to Earn is the future of gaming and players can earn rewards such as NFTs and tokens by simply playing. There are huge benefits for early adopters backed with utility for each NFT and token.


Zoolana Landing Page

Zoolana is inspired by a children’s game of the same name that was popular in Mozambique and other parts of Africa. 

Here, kids and their families get to be the heroes of their own story and help each other along the way with kindness. 

In this game, players collect resources, care for the animals they love (including rare sloths!) while earning rewards they can use in real life. Zoolana is just as fun to play as it is to say!


MetaWaifus is a new generation of digital collectables. Designed by artists for fans to enjoy, MetaWaifus are unique NFTs representing the best of shojo culture that live on the blockchain. They represent everything we love about cute anime girls, but now they’re empowered to make your dreams come true!


Realy Landing Page

Realy Metaverse will be a virtual city in the sky with 3A graphics. Living in Realy is Premium which means that when you earn and gain experiences in Metaverse, these gains transfer to your real life via rewards brought by Realy's partners such as fashion brands, high end clothing stores, street culture brands, toy makers, musicians and music studios!


Aurory is a decentralized play-to-earn ecosystem that allows players to earn Aurory (Aury) tokens through various game modes and then trade this token on a traditional exchange or in-game marketplace for different NFTs and for fiat currency. Players can also explore the environment and collect different items that can be sold on a marketplace or used to customize their avatar. Once completed, Aurory will have four games, each with a unique setting and stories weaved into the gameplay. 


Genopets l

Your Genopet is a one-of-a-kind NFT spirit animal that evolves with your real life exercise and movement. Use your favorite health and fitness wearables to connect your mind, body and soul to $KI, the first move-to-earn MMORPG. Transform your activity into $KI to use in battle, craft valuable items and upgrade your Genopet’s style and performance.

Race Poker

Race Poker is a decentralized poker platform that brings Web3.0 immersion to the game. Race Poker allows you to control your betting and winning experience with Ethereum tokens on the blockchain. Because of its decentralized nature, Race Poker ensures fairness and security of your poker games. You can also use the same ETH tokens to upgrade your game level and collect unique NFTs as game avatars. Join our community today, play some poker, collect prizes, and have fun.


Solapoly H

Solapoly is a blockchain-based real estate game where players buy properties and earn rental income from these real estate. 

The properties, which are defined as NFT (ERC721) cards, generate a monthly rental income to their owners, and the game has a feature that allows the owner to resell his/her properties. 

The Solapoly Blockchain Cards consist of two types: Houses and Hotels. Each blockchain card Collection Card corresponds to a real estate property included in the market value index.


MonkeyLeague is active on the Solana Blockchain and is live for play. This means that any collectible NFT items inside the game, such as sweet unique monkey player NFTs, can be used in the game to play matches, earn game credits and $MBS from the game’s prize pools.


Nekoverse Home Page

Nekoverse is an RPG game set in a world where magic exists, allowing players to fight for dominance in this world by playing as Nekos, which are cat-like creatures. 

As a nekos, players will be able to explore the world, search for resources, learn new skills and abilities, customize their appearance, and even modify their stats. 

Players will be able to send their spirits out into the world to battle other nekos. Each spirit has its own skills and ability that can vary based on the kind of spirit they are.


Sollarion is an online NFT hexa-turn strategy card game based on the Solana network. It is powered by blockchain technology, where things you do in the game will be rewarded and everything will be owned by you! You can play with your friends and all cards are limited editions.


Lamas Home Page

Lamas Finance is a new liquidity mining platform that mines through the diversity of products in the DeFi industry to maximize profit. Lamas offers true Dapp games, valuable NFTs, and seamless yield farming in one ecosystem. Organic farming, true gamification, and an ever-expanding product portfolio that fosters our communities' participation as token holders and users alike.


It is one of my favorite Solana games. Solice is a VR metaverse on the Solana blockchain that enables you to build your own world, explore others worlds and participate in various tournaments. 

It is free to play and it also supports blockchain elements such as NFTs, SOL prizes and digital assets. 

You can buy land and build your own little Paradise on the digital planet of Solice.

The gameplay features competitive modes such as shooting, racing, adventure and strategy games, but it also offers various casual modes to relax after a stressful day.


Blockstars Home Page

Blockstars is a management simulation game that gives you the opportunity to earn money by playing music. Blockstars is a music management simulation game that allows players to own and manage digital assets on the Solana blockchain

Vivaion Metaverse

Virtuaon Metaverse is a video game designed to help you explore the world of blockchain through an interactive experience. Using your gaming avatar, you can find treasures and own them while protecting them from other players. You can trade items with other players and also take part in quests and adventures.


Ravaverse Home Page

RAVAverse is a game where you own digital land assets backed by real assets. Link your in-game units to your blockchain account and Rava tokens that are ERC20 compliant are generated for you by the smart contract. Play for free and build up your Rava tokens, the more you play the more value they will have. Also you get a sense of responsibility of owning those lands because you can make real monetary gains by growing trees, creating structures like houses and farms, 


RaceFi is a state of the art 3 dimensional car racing game where players race against AI cars or against each other for prizes. 

RaceFi is built on Solana and is the first racing game that uses Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning (AIML) to deliver an exciting gaming experience where you can battle it out on the race track against other players from around the world. 

Within RaceFis metaverse, players can earn while enjoying various game modes, or make profits by owning in-game property.

Cyber Wave

Cyber Wave Home Page

Welcome to CyberWave, the first stake-to-earn site in Solana. Earn SOL and other assets through play and staking your NFTs. The Survivors will be available for farming on our site starting at the launch event. 

If you cannot make it, then we will have the pre-sale a few hours later. There will only be 8888 sets available for purchase or farming. Each set comes with 10 ERC721 Minions, One rare Hero and one scarce Hero!


MixMob is a new metaverse game with a bright future. New Metaverse games are very important because people have been waiting for years to have a true virtual world where they can do everything they want and earn the rewards they want in the unrestricted market without any help from the creators. 

MixMob is among the first of its kind, combining card racing with battle- arenas. You can create and customize your own MIXBOT, set him on land and in the sky as well as battle other players around the world.

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