+100 White App Icons Widgets to Customize Your Phone!

April 4, 2024

Are phones at the center of our lives? Yes! Then we should have the right to personalize them as we wish, right? With this White app icons collection, you can give an aesthetic appearance to your phone full of popular applications.

white app icons

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Even in mythological works dating back thousands of years, White is shown as the symbol of innocence. This is not made up information. This is partly about the impression the color leaves on people!

Even thousands of years ago, societies unaware of each other defined this color in common.

Even if we did not know this and were to make an inference about the color white, we could still suggest purity and innocence.

Conceptual aspects aside, let's consider White functionally...

This color is generally used in interior architecture to make spaces appear more spacious.

Since it absorbs light, air conditioning energy consumption of white cars may be less. check +10 White widgets!

Black and White App Icons

black and white app icons

If you want to bring the perfect harmony of contrast to your phone screen in an aesthetic way, I recommend you to use this icon pack.

Although it is a very simple combination, it creates a strong contrast.

Yellow and White App Icons

When the color Yellow meets White (although the tones used are also important), it becomes an energetic combination.

The energetic atmosphere created also transfers to you, because the process we spend on the phone is usually very long.

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