Yellow Blue Red Flag With Stars: +3 Flag Explained

There are only three flags that are blue, yellow and red, but also have a star. One of these is a country, the other a state in the USA and an old flag.

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We'll take a closer look at all three flags. While red usually tells about the price paid for gaining the homeland, blue gives the message that the future of the nation is clear and its goals are high.

The first flag that we will start with the flag design review is a country flag.

Let's start.


Venezuela flag

The Venezuelan flag has a total of 8 white stars. This modern looking flag is almost 200 years old. Considering the list of official flags still used, it is one of the most established flags.

On the flag used between 1905 and 1930, the stars are arranged in a circle. However, the design of the flag from that period to this period is as you see above.

Venezuela has very rich oil resources. However, the country has been experiencing serious economic problems for the last 5 years.

It has been in first place in the annual inflation ranking with 100 percent for almost 6 years.

Now the list is discussed over the changed 2nd. Because it's always there like the first pinned tweet on the list.

We hope that the situation in the country will improve soon and the people living in the country will begin to live in prosperity as before.


Arizona flag

The flag of the state of Arizona is almost 100 years old. Transitions of red and yellow represent sunrise. The color choices used in this flag are not among the color choices we are used to.

Very dark and absorbing colors are preferred.

In order to better understand what the flag represents, I would like to talk about the geographical and cultural characteristics of the state of Arizona.

A geographical beauty that is well known to the whole world, is within the borders of the state of Arizona. It's the Grand Canyon. This huge canyon attracts millions of tourists every year.

It is one of the hottest states in America. The warm colors of the flag have now become more meaningful to you. Warm colors are used not only in the state flag, but also in the Phoenix Suns team logo.

Arenberg ( 1549–1810 )

Arenberg flag

The yellow stars of the historic duchy of Arenberg are positioned on a red background. There are exactly three stars. And these stars are actually different from the stars we are used to. It has different corners.

Today, this dukedom has completed its milestone like most dukes. This makes the Arengerb flag a direct historical flag.

This historical duchy between Belgium and the German border was dissolved during the French revolution.

yellow blue red flag with stars

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