Golden Yellow

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Gold is one of the most demanded minerals on earth 🌍, which makes Golden yellow, fancy colour. It presents the wealthy and prosperous. 🎖️

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Golden Yellow
Golden Yellow

Golden Yellow Color in Fashion Design

You can consider it as your natural beauty. And it can be used in so many places of fashion design either to dress, accessories, or even to the background. No matter how it is used, they all will bring you more glamor and attractiveness.

From fashion to film and photos, this amazing tinge of yellow has been used in many different ways. It was famous in clothing and costumes from the 1960s and some people often relate it to nostalgia or memory.

Golden yellow is a befitting color for fall season that comes once in a year. You may not have tried this shade, but you definitely would love to rock it this season. 

It is an impressive and extreme hue. It seems similar to the Indian yellow, but it has more warmth which makes it highly exciting and extremely striking.

Golden Yellow Color in Interior Design

It is one of the most dazzling colors. It can be seen in many paintings, photographs, sculptures and even clothing and accessories. 

This color has a very good effect on the human mind. This color used properly can reduce the stress level of the human mind and make the environment more free from tension. Using this yellow in interiors will create a modern atmosphere in your home.

It works well in bedrooms where there is plenty of daylight, but it doesn't overwhelm you with its brightness. It's clean, pure and brisk, or can be considered powerful and masculine.

Golden Yellow Color in Advertising

The yellow is the color of the center light of the sun, a bright gold metal. Yellow is young, dynamic, optimistic and bright, due to its opposite color blue, it means quiet and peace. 

In Chinese traditional medicine, yellow is the color with strong qi energy and goodness, so it can raise people's alertness and stimulate the central nervous system.

In the Chinese five-element theory, yellow belongs to the fire element which has a high temperature. 

It also belongs to the earth element which can be seen from its patience and tolerant nature. 

Usually yellow brings joy or happiness to people who view it; in the advertising field, it is still one of the most popular colors.

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