+50 Shades of Gray

Taupe Color
Silver Color
Charcoal Color
Slate Gray
Blue Gray
White Smoke
Gunmetal Gray
Ash Gray
Purple Gray
Battleship Gray
Cool Gray
Rose Quartz Color
Payne's Gray
Timberwolf Color
Platinum Gray
Yellow Gray
Purple Taupe
Pink Gray
Cadet Gray
Feldgrau Color
Eigengrau Color
Shades of gray color

Shades of gray color know as shades of light as well. Some of the designers call gray "off white color" too. You might ask how many shades of grey are there.

From bluish gray to charcoal color tones, this collection contains more than 40 different types of gray color.

If you want to use those color in your design work, you will probably need HEX codes of colors.

You can copy HEX codes in one click.

In my design career, I  faced one question more than ever. People frequently ask me "is grey a color?" And my answer is solid. Yes, it is.

You might suspect about some of the colors because these do not look like a gray. Not even close.

For instance gunmetal grey color, Its looks blue more than gray. But somehow this color inside of the gray color family.

All those cool grey colors usable for commercial purposes. You make me happy if you refer my page, but it's not something I requested.

Additionally, We made a list of grey gradient colors. You might be like that too.

If you like this color selection, you should check shades of the blue color collection too.

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