Blush Color with HEX Code

My grandmother always told me, drinking blush (only) does not make you an alcoholic. 

But she was wrong. But it's okay. Good or bad, I do not take advice from my relatives. 

Drinking to much blush makes you wrong. However, using the blush colour in your design does not make you a boring designer. 

Do not afraid to use the right colours. You can find the HEX code above. Take and disappear.

The very first written usage of blush as a colour name in English was in 1590.

Blush Color

The Pink Blush Color Scheme Shade has 5 colours that are Blush (#DF5D86), Pale Red-Violet (#E27092), Charm Pink (#EB92A9), Metallic Pink (#F1ABB9) and Mystic (#D14F7B).
Collection recommendation: Blue gradient.


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