Bright Orange

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Technology companies like to make a bright orange phone case. Users also love to buy these phone containers. Everybody is happy.

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Bright Orange
bright orange

When we read a blog post reference to a bright orange color, we will probably visualize that color as quickly as a word can be read. Some colors appear brighter than other and some don’t jump out as much. This is what you have to use against your readers when you want it to be noticed.

This is perhaps the clearest, most obvious color in nature. We see it in citrus fruits; we see it in sunsets; we even see it on emergency vehicles and school buses. Bright orange is the color of excitement, of highlighters, of the circus.

This shades of orange color gets most of the attention in the room. It can be seen from afar, so it has the advantage over other colors like light green and red. You would want to pick bright orange color for all your communications as long as you can see them easily.

I’ve always had a fascination with bright orange. When I was younger I actually thought it was a different color than red until I read my mom’s Vogue magazine, which informed me otherwise.

Bright orange is the color of attention, of coke bottles, sunrise over the ocean, public transit buses, and the planet Mars (the actual one). It’s the color of “look at me.”

No matter where you look, you won’t find any color more energetic than bright orange. The hue is the apex of the color wheel, the peak to all that is visible.

So, if you want your writing to be energetic and exciting, perhaps no other color will do.

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