Butterscotch Color

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Butterscotch color, in my opinion, is the color of autumn. Sad, but still so calm. Use this color for jobs that represent calmness.

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Butterscotch Color
butterscotch color

Color is a critical element in the branding, marketing and design of a website. It may be the first thing investors or clients notice about your website, so it is important to have a color palette that makes an impact.

Butterscotch color has been trending in 2018 and according to Pantone. Butterscotch is an orange hue that has a warm appearance. Some suggest that the color of butterscotch evokes feelings of comfort and familiarity; hence the popularity for decorating nurseries and kitchens.

That color is a shade that can be described as a light brown color with yellowish undertones. Butterscotch is one of the many colors of a spectrum created by adding a hint of gray to burnt sienna yellow.

It’s said that butterscotch yellows are among the few colors that can improve upon honey as a natural sweetener, and it’s been used to give classical works of art their glow.

It was also one of the items that first made my mind think about writing this article, when I saw it on an episode of House, while browsing Imgur.

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