Canary Yellow

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Canary Yellow is the colour gifted from nature to us. 🦜 And It used in fashion as well. What a destination. From life to the fashion world. 🌈

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Canary Yellow
Canary Yellow color code

Canary Yellow in Book Cover Design

Book cover design is an art of its own. Most designers don’t concentrate on it, but the book cover is the first face your book makes in the world. 

The mistake most new authors make when designing a book cover is that they give it all the attention and care it needs. It is not quite possible to write a perfect book and give it a good and catchy cover too. 

But if you are serious about your choice of cover for your book, you do this with extreme care and attention.

It is a warm color with a powerful hue that has plenty of character and warmth. 

While the coloring associated with this shade runs from a light fleck of white to a deep almost orange color, the reason that makes it especially attractive comes from its history as a dye for cloth, that combination of red and yellow was appealing to manufacturers because it was inexpensive to produce.

Canary Yellow in Web Design

It is a bright color that got its name from the use of canaries in coal mines. The color itself is light and pleasant, and many consider it to be an optimistic shade. 

While this color was originally used just in clothing, home decorating, and on websites, it has been tested by Pantone for 2016 spring fashion color trends. 

This means that Canary may be a good color to include in your next design project, depending on the industry you operate in.

Canary Yellow in Interior Design

The color is precious as it stands alone. It’s a crisp, bright color that has a rich and bold presence. 

This color has been on the rise since the early 2000s. It became more favored in this decade than any other decade. This was due to its popularity in today’s lifestyles such as fashion, technology, and interior design.

In fact, one study indicates yellow is the most popular color choice among homeowners as well as interior designers. Perhaps its popularity isn’t surprising since so many colors appear to complement it.

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