Carnelian Color

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Carnelian color is the name of a precious (actually semi-precious) stone. As can be understood, this stone is precisely this color.

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Carnelian Color
Carnelian Color

Carnelian is bright orange to the red shade of brown and is a mix of raspberry (red) and brown. 

The hue varies from tomato red to brick red, depending on your screen settings.  

Carnelian color is also known as Sweet Burnt Lumber.

This tone is a combination of terra cotta red and orange which gives it a reddish-orange shade. 

The tone can make it look like a mild color but it is in fact very bright thus making it.

This color also has been associated with both courage and sacrifice. It is a strong, bold red that has an earthy, rustic feel to it, evoking images of harvest time and rural life.

It carries with it a sense of solidity, well-being, and peace.

Carnelian in Interior Design

You may have heard the term antique and it is something you find attractive. But what is it? How do you make use of it? 

Is there more to this 'antique'? And what can we learn from its existence going forward - i.e. its context? 

Carnelian Color is widely used in interior design because of its durability and affordability amongst other qualities & features. 

This is the brilliant, red-orange color of a certain gemstone, either the agate or sardonyx. 

It is a vivid color that has an energetic quality, and it coincides well with many bolder colors in interior design. 

It can be hard to translate shades of carnelian into a specific color wheel hue because its hue varies slightly based on its own unique chemical composition and tone.

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