Indian Red

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If you've been to India, you've probably seen Indian red. If you go, you will definitely see. It is an intense, spicy tone of red.

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Indian Red
Indian Red

Indian red comes from natural materials. Some of the pigments that have been used to make this color are iron ore, brown iron ore, brazilwood, and cochineal. 

The color Indian is duller in comparison with bright shades of orange. The color Indian red can be a perfect choice for clothing with darker shades or colorful items. 

As you probably already know almost color that is used in web design and development has to be “mapped” before it actually appears on the browser. What this means is that you will see colors differently in different browsers. 

Some of the things which affect colors are gamma settings (how bright they are), RGB to Hexadecimal color mapping, x value, and so on. 

If you see this color differently on different browsers, don't be surprised.

Indian Red Color in Interior Design

The red of India is a symbol of purity, royalty, and dignity, for it had been present in the palaces of emperors and kings. In recent times, however, the use of this color has been more than that. 

It has found a home in most homes across India as householders have come to discover the power associated with this color.

This color derived from a red mineral known as almandine. How you could use this color in interior design? Of course, if you are looking for a complete 

Indian décor and furniture set, the answer is fairly simple. The best way to create an all-Indian setting is to use red fabric for the curtains and to rejuvenate your walls with these good-looking handmade clay tiles.

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