Cherry Pink Color With HEX Code

The Cherry Pink colour's popularity is raising these days. Instead of investigating that rase, we can follow the trend and use it for our next design gigs. 

Keeping fresh your design with popular colour is a good idea. So your customers never think your company is not going outdate.  And also, everyone likes cherries.

Cherry Pink

That's enough. I tried to convince you to use Cherry Pink colour. If you want to use, you can find HEX code right above if you do not wish to. 

Here are the shades of pink colour list. 

The hex of Cherry pink colour is #ffb7c5 (also called Cherry blossom pink) consists of 100 per cent red, 71.8% green and 77.3% blue. Whereas at a CMYK colour space, it consists of 0%cyan, 28.2percent magenta, 22.7% yellow and 0% black.

The hexadecimal colour code #edb9bb is a mild colour of pink-red. In the RGB colour model #edb9bb is constituted of 92.94% crimson, 72.55% green and 73.33% blue. 

Cherry pink colour is an essential colour in Western culture. At the spring, the Japanese men and women gather to see the cherry blossoms bloom throughout the Hanami festival. This tradition has spread into the United States of America with the establishment of the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C.


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