Carnation Pink

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You can hesitate to believe reincarnation. But when It's comes to Carnation, you can consider Carnation pink. 

It's the right colour. And never let you down. 

It's nonsense to discuss why Carnation pinks better than others.

Best Combination

Carnation Pink
Carnation Pink color code

Like how it seems ridiculous if you argue about note ten better than iPhone 11 pro. It's the same.

Carnation Pink Hex right above. Take and go! 

At a RGB color space, hex #ffa6c9 (also called Carnation pink) consists of 100 percent red, 65.1% green and 78.8% blue.  Whereas at a CMYK color space, it's made up of 0 percent cyan, 34.9percent magenta, 21.2% yellow and 0% black.

It's a color angle of 336.4 levels, a saturation of 100% plus a lightness of 82.5 percent.  #ffa6c9 colour hex can be acquired by mixing #ffffff with #ff4d93.  Closest web safe colour is: #ff99cc.

The colour carnation pink using hexadecimal colour code #ffa6c9 is a light shade of pink.   From the HSL colour space #ffa6c9 includes a color of 336° (levels ), 100% hardness and 83 percent lightness.  

This shade has an approximate wavelength of 500.41 nm.

Carnation Pink in Interior Design

Its pink has a smaller impact on interior design than red shades or pinks. Deep, rich and matte carnation pinks often have great contrast against darker materials. 

Combining black, white or metallic with carnation pink is popular in interior design with modern styles featuring a chrome approach to the rest of the design scheme.

Carnation Pink in Fashion

Carnation pink is a color that has sophisticated appeal. It is a softer and lighter shade of pink which makes it an appropriate color for day wear. 

For evening wear, it can be paired with other shades of pink such as deep pink and pale pink. 

It is a beautiful soft and gentle hue which makes it perfect for wedding looks but it can also be worn for everyday style. 

Carnation pink is very versatile in that it works well to compliment a variety of skin tones and hair colors. 

The small amount of blue present in this color makes it very flattering on cool skin tones .

Carnation Pink in Painting

In the field of painting, "color" is a visual sensation resulting from the reflection of light. Colors are the purest form of art. 

Artists use it to bring their imagination into life. 

Some colors are pure and professional, which can express strong and elegant emotions. In addition, it can also represent different meanings in different cultures. 

Carnation pink color in painting has a long history, it was popular in Europe for nearly a decade starting from the 1st third of 17th century and then was spread widely throughout the world.

The color still plays an important role in modern fine arts today
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