Coral Color

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Here are the variations of red-orange color colors with HEX codes. This color will make your design fresh. Have a nice day.

Best Combination

Coral Color

The Coral Color represents feminine, pure, and fresh. This colour part of shades of orange family. Like many others, this colour firstly recorded in England in 1513. 

The Coral Color is a mix of orange and red.  You can copy the RGB and HEX code of this colour right above. 

Here are the variations:

Coral pink

Coral pink HEX Code

Coral pink is a really attractive color to enhance the interior design appeal of your room. 

It is not the only one color that can make your house as coral pink. You can choose the best combination from many attractive colors like white, grey and wood.
The use of color provides a solution to many problems in daily life. An application of coral pink in your apartment can infuse freshness and cheer in your home.


Light Coral

Light coral hex code

Interior design is one of the most fascinating and important parts in creating and remodeling a house. Color plays a great role when it comes to designing a house. Light Coral Color is one of the most exclusive colors that can be found in nature. Picking the right colors for interior decoration is an art. 

The color combination should be complementing each other and yes, it has to provide relief to the eyes as well. Coral color consists of orange and pink tones with flowery effect.

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