Peach Color

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Here are the HEX and RGB codes of your favorite fruits from interior design to web, peach color using for all seasons. Have a nice day.

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Peach Color
peach color HEX code

Are you in love with the peach color like me? If you are, you are in the right place. 

Peach is a shade that's named for the light color of the inside flesh of the cherry fruit.   

Like the colour apricot, the colour peach is paler than many real peach fruits and appears to have been invented (such as the colour apricot) mostly to make a pastel palette of colors for the interior layout.

The color peach approximates the color of the inside flesh of the wide variety of berry called white peaches.

The earliest recorded usage of peach for a color name was in 1588.

Consumer Ratna produced this color combination.  

The Hex, RGB, and CMYK codes are from the table below.

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Peach color in Interior Design

Peach tone in interior design can resemble the hue when combined with different shades of pink, brown and orange using pigments like Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow Medium and Manganese Violet. 

When peach color is used as a dominant paint color on walls, it may create an illusion of space that’s greater than actual size. 

Peach also gives a warm, homey feel to your interior décor. Apart from walls, decorators often combine peach with other soft, pale colors for an appealing look in the dining room.

Peach color in Advertising

Color is an important aspect in making your commercial more attractive and it’s always interesting to learn about the role of colors. 

The peach color has a special place in the world and a surprising number of its uses if you don’t know it well. 

This color is one of the best examples of how little known facts can pleasantly surprise us. 

Peach is probably the most popular warm tone, but it isn’t just warm in terms of temperature of color. It evokes several other positive associations. 
While we never think about which commercial product is using various colors, the fact remains that there are a few brands successfully implementing this hue into their advertising campaigns.

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