Neon Orange

Neon orange color is a beautiful color. If you go out at night with a neon orange cauldron, it is tough not to be noticed.

Neon Orange

Anyone who uses the internet knows that it is crowded with websites, each one striving for their own piece of attention. The Neon Orange Color is an amazing way to catch the focus of your website visitor’s attention. The neon orange color makes your site pop from all of the different colors out there. 

The color was created by mixing Red (255-0-0) with Magenta (255-127-0). This post can help you find the perfect dark orange color mix online.

Color is an important part of your business. Not only can it affect the way in which people identify themselves with your brand, it has power over what they feel emotionally as well. 

For instance, yellow creates a happy environment and blue is associated with trust. Orange offers the perfect balance between the two, but how would you go about finding this color for yourself?
The neon orange color is a trippy shade that has been in demand for a while with web designers and graphic artists.