Pinkish Orange Color

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rgb(248, 152, 128)

Pinkish Oranges is a color that's created when you mix yellow and red. It's a bit light and has a rather vibrant appearance. Using this color palette, you'll have no problem when it's time to choose colors for your website.

Best Combination

Pinkish Orange Color

Pinkish orangish color was originally used to identify the Rosi Batsch disease by Dr. John Grainger Thomas in 1860. 

The same color is being used today to identify movement disorders like Parkinson's Disease, essential tremor and progressive supranuclear palsy.

A sunny and optimistic colour tone, with warm and uplifting nuances, this color palette can be used for the branding of healthy lifestyle companies, bakeries, beauty products and more. 

The softness of the colors and mid tones allow for an easy color mixing and simple design approach, in order to achieve beautiful palettes that won't overwhelm your customers with too much information.

If we notice, Nature is something full of passion and it's these multiple shades that allow it to stand out from the so many other things that lack it.

If you're looking for a colour close to orange but not as warm and vivid, pinkish orange is the color for you. It's a harmonious blend between blue and red (the primary colours of light), which means that you can use it both in web design and product design!

Pink Orange Color

Pinkish Orange in Product Design

Choosing the right color for your product can be a challenge. It's only natural to want to pick a colour that will stand out and make the product more appealing to users. 

But at what point does "striking" turn into "annoying"? When is "bold" simply "garish"? If it's not done right, it can easily end up both garish and annoying — especially when you're trying to appeal to a broader range of people with different tastes and preferences. 

The process of choosing a color for your product should be as thoughtful as any other part of the design process.

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