Purplish Blue Color

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Everyone wants to learn about the purplish blue color. It's not the easiest thing in the world to find out about that type of topic though. You need some answers, and that's what this article is for.

Best Combination

Purplish Blue Color

Some might think this is a bit strange, but there's a reason. 

Purplish Blue Color

You see, purple and blue are two completely different colors with completely different definitions.

I've always been fascinated by colors. 

Especially the deeper and stronger ones, like purple and blue. They're somehow mysterious and intriguing to me. 

Maybe it's the deepness of them or how they can evoke various feelings within you. When I noticed my fascination with those colors I decided to test them out for myself.

If we take azure for blue color, 40% cyan, 40% magenta and 20% yellow as formula for it, then for purplish blue we can take lapis for blue color, 80% cyan, 20% magenta and 0% yellow as formula

Purplish Blue in Interior Design

Cobalt blue and plum are two colors that I enjoy in interior design. They can be used together, which is one of my favorite combinations. Cobalt blue is a color that ranges from dark to light, so this means it can be matched with almost any color. 

Purplish Blue is the main color in the color palette which is one of the best known inspirational sources for interior design. But, we all have to be aware that our choice of paint for the walls can make a tremendous difference to the ambiance and overall "feeling" of a room or house. Together with a selection of suitable small decorating items, we can make a small room come alive and take on a new look.

When evaluating color palettes, I like to think about why a particular color palette works well together. For example, it is often said that colors which are opposite each other on the color wheel (for example red & green) work well together because they contrast well with each other.

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