+200 Discord Bots: Automate All Tasks

I suggest you start using Discord bots to automate processes and provide the best experience to your guests on the server. With the help of a little artificial intelligence, you can set up a nice community management system.

In this post, I have prepared a collection of the best discord bots. Because I saw how this small software makes our lives easier with the help of commands.

Previously, I only listed music bots. Because products that use music and artificial intelligence together always seem very cool to me. However, after getting too much interest in that article, I decided to expand it. And I decided to make a huge collection where I listed bots of all categories.

I like to write about Discord. I have written articles about graphics used in the software before. For example, discord emoji size is one of my most read articles to you.

I also have articles on emojis. Looking back, I've been writing for a really long time. Writing is still as difficult as the first day, but the results are much better.

If you are a discord user, you can work more efficiently using these smart robots. Or you can have fun. Considering that it is an application mostly used by consumers, we can say that the purpose of use is mostly to have fun.

This can turn Discord botting into an advantageous business model. Because the logic is simple. If you develop a product into software that has millions of users, you can make money.

In discussions like this I usually give the example of Honey.

Honey is a Google chrome extension that offers discounts for consumers. But the way it offers these discounts is very creative.

Honey doesn't list the discounts. Because we're overwhelmed by thousands of listed discounts. Instead, it uses a form of offering a discount that won't bore users. Honey doesn't actually offer discounts, it finds a coupon code. And it does that in seconds.

When we ask something to google, it gives us millions of results within seconds.

When we complete our shopping and come to the payment screen, Honey calls for us if there is a discount coupon that can be applied. It even adds the coupon for us. When I first used Honey, I really admired the price drop.

The application was really working.

Paypal bought Honey for $ 1 million. Yes, that's a great number for a simple chrome extension.

After this purchase, people start developing extensions. Chrome is used by billions of people. I'm not surprised if a product integrated with the browser costs a billion dollars. Actually, what I'm surprised is why it's so late.

Similar scenarios may apply to Discord over the next 10 years.

By developing Discord bots, you can earn huge revenues. In the rest of the article I want to explain how you can do this.

How to Make a Discord Bot?

To make a Discord bot, you need to have basic code knowledge. It is possible to develop bots with commands by using programming languages ​​such as Javascript and Python.

If you have code knowledge, it is easier for you to do this improvement, but if you don't have code knowledge but want to learn, developing bots can also be an interesting way to start learning.

Because it is a project that will be completed in a short time and it is useful to see what you can achieve. You can follow the short course prepared by The Coding Train Youtube channel. If this course doesn't suit you, there are hundreds of other alternatives available on the internet.

If you do not intend to learn to write code, you can also develop a bot using codless programming tools.

No-code trend has been going on since 2014, but has seen a tremendous increase in 2020.

With products like Webflow, you can develop great looking websites without writing code. And it is possible to develop web applications with Bubble.

There are even products that allow you to develop applications such as voice app.

An application called botghost also helps you develop Discord bots. Another option is to use Zapier.

Popular Discord Bots

In the past few years, Discord bots have gained popularity among users and communities alike, since they made it possible for all sorts of useful features to enter into the app. 

Using Discord bots is very easy as well. 

You just have to initiate a command by typing a certain word or phrase in the chat window besides the username of bot which you want to interact with and that's basically it. 

There are numerous Discord bots available in the market catering to all sorts of purpose. 

Here are some examples: 

1. Friendly Bot

At a time when we are only a few weeks away from the start of another session, many students ask me about the best ways to study. I’ve gone through the same struggle as you and I know how hard it is to focus sometimes. That is why I found this Discord bot, with multiple commands that you could use to improve your productivity.


2. Dank Memer

Dank Memer is a Discord bot created with the intent of increasing server visibility and engagement. Whether you're looking for new users, $$$, or just to keep your existing passengers happy, Dank Memer is here for you!

3. Mudae

Mudae is a Discord bot that collects more than 60,000 characters from existing anime, manga, comics or video games. 

Each character has its own personality and attributes that can be revealed through roleplays (called gachas) with other Mudae users. Many choices are available: nisekoi dating sim, idolmaster gacha card game, re zero role play…


This Discord bot has a completely new RPG economy, getting harder and harder, as you advance trough the ranks. 

As well as standard features like servers management, custom commands, music, polls and so on, it also features "Lootboxes", which you can get by fishing or looting dungeons. 

The lootboxes are also earned by the users while they play with /gambling command where they can bet some EPIC coins (earned by playing) and earn more EPIC coins. 

There's also gambling nodes appearing in Dungeons which may yield to a higher reward or a punishment.

Can I make money with discord bot?

Is it possible to make money with a discord bot? 

Or can you at least earn a few extra bucks for making one? 

Let me answer this by telling you, you need to look at two things, What you are going to do with it and how active the community is of the game. 

If you find enough people who are interested in your services then surely, you will get a lot of profits. 

But just for making a bot, it might not be enough. 

You have to remember that creating discord bot is not a complicated task and there are many free software in the market which can be used to make one. Besides, being able to run out-of-the-box bots are very good if you want to earn some profits.

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