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A noun used to name a person, place or any other things you can image. The Random Noun Generator helps you pick fresh, creative nouns for your writing.

This is a tool which randomly selects a noun from a huge database, presents them in a nice layout, and allows you to choose one. 

You can then add as many adjectives as you like before pressing the get word buttons to find out the definition of your words.

How many nouns are there

Well, it's pretty simple. There are very many nouns. But there are some rules as well: first of all there is a difference between longer and shorter nouns - longer nouns are more popular, actually the really long one are the most popular ones. 

Then there is a difference in prefixes - A-prefix are more popular than Swimming Pools or Swimming Pools. Besides that, Super-A prefixes have always had some penalty compared to A prefixes. 

The same penalty applied to prepositions like "with" compared to simple words. Additionally you can see from the chart above that derived nouns (ie different forms of one and same word) have generally much higher conversion rate than original words. 

Noun Definition

Noun is the name given to a person, place or a thing which denotes the proper noun. A noun is considered to be a part of the speech. They are given tentative names based on their nature. Mostly names are given to the quality or thing with respect to human beings and animals like a boy is called as Tommy, a dog as Spot.

Noun Types

Noun types are the classification of a noun. Nouns can be classified in two different ways, i.e., grammatical categories and semantic categories. In this section, we will discuss English noun types based on their grammatical category. We will study the different noun types in English like proper nouns and common nouns, countable nouns and uncountable nouns, etc.

Collective nouns

Collective nouns are words that describe a collection of things or, in some cases, people. These nouns are different from regular nouns because they generally don't have a singular form. 

Common nouns

Common Nouns are words to describe objects, places, things or persons that belong to the world. They are the most mundane and frequent words in the english language.

Proper nouns

Speaking of proper nouns in English, you should know that they are often capitalized. This is true even when the proper noun doesn't actually start with a capital letter in English. In fact, it happens quite frequently in English (and all languages). 

Concrete nouns

Concrete nouns – these are nouns that could cause ideas. In contrast to abstract nouns, concrete nouns represent specific objects and people. Examples of them are dogs, roses, Chris. As you can see the words refer to physical objects that exist in a real world and occupy space.

Abstract nouns

Abstract nouns are a type of non-concrete noun – also called an intangible, or abstract noun. We learned from our previous lesson that concrete nouns are referring to something which can be seen, heard or touched. These abstract nouns however represent an idea, concept, feeling or perception. 

Most Used Nouns in English

Most Used Nouns in English


people; plural of person - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do" - a living human being.

History word definitions may be hard to understand for many people. Having a clear understanding allows students to master the subject matter more easily. Sometimes, it takes the right teacher to help different types of learners reach a new level of knowledge and comprehension.


Art word definitions are some of the most important words ever. For instance, rhinoceros. The definition of a rhinoceros is "a large animal that has a horn on its nose." Without that word, you wouldn't understand what an animal with a horn on its nose was.


Government definitions have a great importance in the lives of people who are also fascinated by politics, and government. When we talk about politics, we mean the discussion and activity around decisions made in the government related to public policy.


Health may be defined as the ability to adapt and manage physical, mental and other resources during the course of life in order to meet the standards required for personal well-being and for the well-being of communities.

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Last Words

I hope Random Noun Generator helps you learn english. This tool currently only supports the English language. However, in the coming days, I can add new language options. That's all for now. If you want, you can view other tools here

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