Roblox Color Codes: In Other Words Brick Colors

Color codes are used in the virtual worlds of Roblox. These codes allow you to change the color of your character, items, and even the skies and terrain. You can create your own skin with Roblox color codes.





Light yellow


Brick yellow




Reddish Violet


Pastel Blue


Light orange




Bright red


Med. reddish


Bright blue


Bright yellow


Earth orange




Dark grey


Dark green


Medium green


Bright green


Dark orange


In Roblox, when you create a game you have the option to add a custom color scheme to your game. 

These colors are used when creating new characters in the game. You can choose from three different colors: green, red, or orange. 

Roblox color codes

Each color is labeled with a number of hexadecimal codes. In this article, we will be going over the meaning of these three RGB codes and how you can use them in your next Roblox game project!

Roblox, now with 57 million player-created game worlds, is the leading platform for play. Everything in Roblox was created by players. 

They are not only the stars of the show, but also the creators; they make the games and set their own rules. Imagination comes alive as players adapt to an ever-changing landscape of possibility

Surveys from IBM show Roblox as a top online game. About 60% of the users are below the age of 18 and almost all are very active users.  In fact, the retention rate in roblox is 111% and about half of the players log in every day .

Roblox is an open world platform that puts creative power in the hands of our community. Players can create their own experiences for other players to enjoy. Our platform supports collaborative play and enriched communications. It is a vast universe of user-generated content where friends can gather and unleash their imaginations.
Players can navigate their way around a massive, seamless world made entirely out of blocks (known as "studio" or "blocks") to create adventures and make friends.
There are more than 160 million monthly active players who use Roblox to connect with others and explore new worlds together.

The story of Roblox begins in 2004 with the founding of a small videogame company called “Meitar Inc.” The company’s founders include David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, who met and became friends at the University of California at Berkeley in 1996. During their coursework in computer science, David and Erik learned how to program video games.

Roblox Color List

In an animated world like Roblox where players create almost anything they can think of, the colors they use are usually what brings that creation to life. 

It makes sense because most creation tools require you to choose colors before making them in game. 

But In Roblox, you can choose color whenever you want, you can see the full list above. Below we will talk about some of them. 

Lavender Color: #8C5B9F

Lavender Color HEX Code

Lavender is a beautiful shade of purple that has good color value. Pinkish-purple or bluish-purple, it makes a great shade for bridesmaids’ dresses. 

It is a color that is appealing to both the eyes and the mind. And It perfectly suits your roblox wall painting. 

Pastel Violet: #B1A7FF

Pastel Violet HEX code

Pastel Violet color is thought to balance the hormones that are responsible for keeping up your energy when you are tired and also helps the immunity system in the body. 

This color is thought to be good for new mothers who were tired and anxious during their pregnancy. 

It is suggested that this color be kept toward the bedroom where you sleep in order to help relax your body. 

It can help relieve stress, increase patience, balance the emotions in yourself and will help you sustain a positive attitude throughout your day.

These all effects also work in your Roblox universe. Do not hesitate to use this color. 

Magenta Color: #AA00AA

Magenta Color HEX Code

Magenta is the color of inspiration, extravagance, success, and originality. 

It stimulates energy and vigor, quickens the blood flow on lips and cheeks and anoints muscles with strength.

This is a masculine color: it is manly, robust, sporty and playful. 

If you are a great builder in Roblox, here is the color you should use oftenly. It represents the perfect harmony of masculinity and femininity: it balances male energy and female energy; it combines power with tenderness, aggressiveness with intuition, yin with yang. 

Combining pink’s sense of romance with red’s self-confidence, magenta is emotionally positive.

Olive Color: #C1BE42

Olive Color HEX code

Olive has been one of the most sought after colors in the fashion world for many centuries.

This color history dates back ages, and its origins can be traced back to the ancient Greeks who used olive oil in the dying process of fabrics. 

At that time, it was used as a natural dye, but later on became a symbol of wealth and as a status. 

It is interesting to learn that although it is not the most costly of all dyes it was thus the most sought after!

Using a color which has a history makes your Roblox universe historical. 

Beige Color: #CABFA3

Beige Color HEX code

Beige or "Beige" is a pale yellowish tone. 

It's a color that comes off as bland, and is associated with drabness. Is consistent with the neutral nature of beige to be considered a safe color in a room, but sometimes it can cause the space monotonous dull, if not combined with other colors

If you are careful about what you are wearing while you are playing roblox. Add some Beige to your character’s clothes. To see whether the feeling of cream or brown wardrobe creates a casual look for example. If you are looking for green for basil, which has some variants of lilac tones. 

To keep fresh and lively, combined with the blouse red dress can also be used as wall paint. In addition to creating a bright atmosphere in the interior of your home as well as creating strong contrast colors. 

Buttermilk Color: #FEF3BB

Buttermilk Color HEX code

The color of saturated fat and all things delicious. 

It's that wonderful golden hue we get when we add powdery goodness to the batter. 

Of course, for those of us with skin that is not fair or flesh that has never seen the sun, a creamy canvas like buttermilk also serves as a great color corrector - it works really well for dark circles under the eyes.

Add this color to your roblox project, you will not regret. 

Salmon Color: #FF9494

Salmon color is a shade of pink to orange that resembles the color of raw salmon. The color salmon is used in the design world to evoke feelings of warmth. 

This could be particularly effective in outdoor spaces such as porch, garden, or terrace areas where friends and family can have long conversations ( or your roblox characters )

Laurel Green: #A8BD99

Laurel Green HEX Code

Laurel Green color is a triadic color made by two equally spaced colors on the spectrum of vision with red in between. 

This color is one of the essential colors that are used when creating an integrated marketing communications campaign. 

The use of Laurel color in these campaigns depends on the marketer’s personal preferences in association with graphical designs included in advertisements.

Forest Green: #1F801D

Forest Green HEX Code

Forest Green color was made by mixing black and green.  It has a history of more than 3,000 years as an ink color. 

It is one of the most popular and fashionable colors for cars because it stands for vitality, hope, freshness and peace. 

On the other hand, Forest Green has been associated with death or oblivion, especially by the Anglo-Saxons. By the 17th century it became an important color for painters across Europe.  Roblox creators love this color, just like the painters of the old centuries.

Most people assume that green has healing qualities - supposedly it can alleviate depression and make people feel good. 

The term ‘green fingers’ is used to describe people who are very good at growing plants.

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