Magenta Color

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magenta color

Magenta color is a popular color in shades of pink family. 

On color wheels of this RGB (additive) and CMY (subtractive) color versions, it's located midway between blue and red. 

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Magenta Color
magenta color hex code

It's among the four colors of ink used in color printing via an inkjet printer, together with black, yellow, and cyan, to create the rest of the colors. 

The design of magenta employed on the page is known as"printer's magenta." 

The enormous commercial success of the dye along with the brand new color it generated, mauve, motivated other chemists from Europe to create new colors produced from aniline dyes. Magenta is the color of universal stability and psychological balance.

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Magenta Color in Interior Design

It is often used in interior design to highlight the contrast between a public and private space. Using the color magenta in your space could add drama to your home. 

The color choice may not look right on its own, so you have to know how you want to use it. 

If the color is going to be used as an accent, then it could be a little harder to place in a room. 

Magenta is bold in that it has hues of red, pink and purple all wrapped together into one color. 

This means its hue can vary depending on which shade you use and what other colors are already present.

Magenta Color in Advertising

Color psychology has a lot of power in advertising and marketing. If you’re not using it correctly, it might even cause the complete opposite reaction from what your goal was. 

One of the best and most effective means of fast transportation in advertising is color. 

Magenta is a sort of purple with pink shade, it's original name was fuchsine, or Phloxine B, (which is taken from a plant). 

It's emotional appeal is based upon the fact that it's complement is green; therefore we find when this color is used in an advertisement, if it has any artistic ability to get attention at all, it will get more notice because of close similarity to green.

Magenta Color in Branding

There are undoubtedly many types of brands in the world. 

There are also many shades and colors brands use. 

This includes logos, websites, packaging, etc. 

One color is magenta! 

If you have never heard of it before, you should know that it’s quite unique compared to other shades. It also inspires a sense of fun and passion for many businesses. 

The color magenta gets a bad rap.

It's usually associated with cheap products and services, and anything that's tacky (in the eye of the beholder). 

However, if you're looking for an eye-grabbing color for your brand, it might be ideal as a secondary color…especially if your primary one is black, white, or gray.

It’s a cool toned color and when included in your branding it will keep your color scheme balanced and professional.

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