Blue Flag With White X: Scotland Flag Explained

January 31, 2024

Contrary to the custom, the cross on the Scottish flag is placed diagonally. The white X on a blue flag dates back to the 15th century.

This state is part of the United kingdom. However, it uses this flag in the organizations it represents in its own country. Of course, there is a representation of this flag, militarily, effectively and culturally, within the borders of the country. 

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Scotland Flag

The same is true for the British flag. They, too, have their own unique flags and autonomous areas to use, apart from that of the United kingdom.

Related Flags

Church of Scotland

Church of Scotland flag

As in the official flag of the country, we see the white X mark on a blue background in this flag. But in the middle of all this is a drawing of a glowing or burning red tree. 

The self-organized church also has modern aspects such as allowing same-sex marriage. The church, who has a budget, does not have any dominance in the country's administration. The country is governed in a secular way.


Stirling flag

The mountain-covered city takes its name from its famous castle. The castle is one of the oldest architectural structures in the region. Considering that there is no new settlement, it is not difficult to calculate how old the castle is.

The main livelihood of the city is agriculture. The agriculture they produce can be self-sufficient for many years, and they can turn into national wealth by selling them abroad.

It is certainly not a coincidence that the city on the banks of the Fort river has arable land.

The reason why the flag of the city, which is close to the capital Edinburgh, is so similar to the official flag? This is how the foundations of Scotland were laid.

University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh flag

Founded 440 years ago, this university is such a deep-rooted institution that it has trained thousands of important people, from inventors like Graham Bell to statesmen.

Geniuses in both science and literature were trained here. Arthur Conan Doyle, the detective writer of Sherlock Holmes, and JK Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, are among the famous graduates of Edinburgh University.

School is still one of the favorite points of education. The total amount of aid from former alumni and the public alone is £541 million.

Graduates knew how to protect their schools. The institution, which started its education life as King James College 400 years ago, still continues to raise bright individuals who build the future today.

The famous biologist Charles Darwin is among the graduates of this school. It is the result of the courage he received from the school he graduated from that he was able to record his ideas that the scientific world agreed on the species he discovered and the truth today.

Experiences today would not be part of the history of science if they were not part of an educational institution that advocates for science and science.

Royal Regiment of Scotland

Royal Regiment of Scotland flag

As you know, all of Europe was a royal land before the Republican and Democratic regimes. Here the Royal Scottish regiment also serves to protect the people and the land, as a representation of that era. He also works in the organization as part of the new united kingdom army. 

He has been actively in the field since 2006. Its flag is very similar to the flag of the country. There is only a lion in the middle. The costumes of the band and palace soldiers guarding the royal are as colorful and orderly as the British royal soldiers.

Scottish Australians

Scottish Australians flag

The direct number of Scots in Australia is 130,000. It is calculated to be over 2 million depending on interaction and reproduction. Geographical discoveries are the reason why so many Scots are in Australia.

The Scots, who make up 8 percent of the country's population, also have a cultural representation of their own there. They have no government structures and are proud to be under the direction of the Australian government. It's just a symbolic flag. The flag, in which the color blue is used, also resembles the general government flag.

The fact that more than 100 thousand people who are minorities in the country lead a peaceful and happy life is one of the great indicators of how developed a country's structure and moral society is.

Flag of Nova Scotia

Flag of Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia flag has a contrast. There is a blue x on a white background. In the middle is the royal coat of arms. It is one of the provinces of Canada. The climate is pleasant and it is the smallest secondary state of the region.

It is one of the cities of Canada close to the American border and has a coast to the ocean. As you know, the region usually consists of glaciers. It has a land area at least as large as America. If these glaciers melt as a result of global warming, there may be a great migration to the Canadian region.


Sint-Oedenrode flag

It is one of the oldest modern cities in history, which has been inhabited since the 1200s. The flag of this Dutch city is like this because of the density of the living Scottish. It is difficult to see new structures in the city. It is difficult to see that the old structures are also obsolete. The city is kept fresh by regular maintenance of all buildings.

Archipelago of San Andrés

Archipelago of San Andrés flag

All countries in Europe have been part of geographical discoveries. While some make more important discoveries than others, they are all active.

For this reason, there are various island countries belonging to or affiliated with European countries around the ocean. San Andrés is one of them. A white cross is used on a light blue. The coat of arms is more colorful but used independently of the flag.

Last Words

blue flag with white x

In this article, where we explored the meaning and colors of the Scottish flag, we examined the internal institutions of the country and other spiritually affiliated cities and organizations. As you can see, many similar flags are directly linked to Scotland.

Its deep-rooted history can be traced back to 800 BC.

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