+20 Dark Brown Colors With Codes

May 13, 2024

There are so many dark brown colors to choose from when it comes to fashion and home decor. From rich chocolate browns to deep espresso hues, these colors can add a touch of sophistication or a bit of edge to any look.

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Tuscan Red




Saddle Brown


Red Ochre






Burnt Umber










Whether you're looking for a new wardrobe staple or trying to find the perfect paint color for your home, dark brown is a great option. Here are a few of my favorite dark brown colors:

1. Chocolate Brown: This rich, chocolate-y hue is perfect for creating a warm and inviting space. It's also a great color for clothing, whether you're looking for a new pair of pants or a cozy sweater.

2. Espresso: If you're looking for a dark brown color with a bit more depth, espresso is a great option. It's perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any room.

3. Mahogany: Mahogany is a deep, rich brown color that exudes elegance. It's perfect for using in formal spaces or for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home.

4. Cocoa: Cocoa is a dark brown color with reddish undertones. It's perfect for adding a bit of warmth to any space.

If you're looking to add a bit of darkness to your home décor, why not try using dark brown colors? 

From walls to furniture, there are endless possibilities. Not to mention, dark brown goes with just about everything. So if you're stuck on what color to use next, consider one of these beautiful dark brown hues.

If you're thinking about using dark brown in your web design, consider using it as an accent color. It can be used to add depth and richness to an otherwise light and airy design. Just be sure to balance it out with other colors so that your site doesn't become too dark or depressing.

Meanings of Dark Browns

Dark Brown Colors

This color is often associated with strength, stability, and reliability. It is a very earthy color that can represent all that is natural and good. When it comes to the workplace, dark brown can be seen as a very professional color. 

It is also a color that can be associated with control and power. In general, dark brown is a very positive color.

Oxblood - #4A0000

Oxblood color

Oxblood is a deep, rich color that evokes feelings of sophistication and luxury. It is perfect for creating an elegant and dramatic mood in your home. It combines best with other jewel tones, such as deep purple and emerald green, to create a rich and inviting space.

Tuscan Red - #66424d

Tuscan Red color

Tuscan red is an earthy color with a hint of orange. It's perfect for adding a warm, inviting feeling to any space. Best matching colors for Tuscan red include other warm tones like gold and orange.

Wine - #722F37

Wine color code

It looks best with other jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple. You can also pair it with neutrals like black, gray, and brown.

Saddle Brown - #8B4513

Saddle Brown color

It gets its name from the color of saddles used on horses. This color is perfect for adding a rustic look to any project.

Red Ochre - #913831

Red Ochre color

Red Ochre is a natural earth pigment that is found in a number of places around the world. The name "Red Ochre" comes from the Greek word for "red" and "ochre", which is a yellowish-brown color. Red Ochre has been used as a pigment for thousands of years and is still used today in a variety of applications.

Burgundy - #800020

Burgundy color code

Burgundy is a red wine made from the Pinot Noir grape. It is named after the Burgundy region of France, which is where the grape is thought to have originated. The wine is known for its high quality and its ability to age well.

Cognac - #834333

Cognac color code

Cognac is a dark yellow-brown color named after the brandy of the same name. The color is similar to that of the wood of the barrels in which cognac is aged. It is often used to give a vintage or antique look to design projects.

Burnt Umber - #8a3324

Burnt Umber color code

Burnt umber has a wide range of uses, from artists' paints and pigments to textile dyes and inks

Chestnut - #954535

color code Chestnut

Chestnut is a sweet, nutty-tasting flour made from the ground kernels of chestnuts. It is commonly used in baking, and can be used in place of other flours to add a unique flavor to dishes. 

Chestnut flour is naturally gluten-free, and is a good source of fiber and vitamins.

This color is good for fall and winter, when the leaves of the trees are changing color and the air is crisp. It pairs well with other earth tones, such as tan, brown, and olive green.

Cordovan - #893f45

Cordovan color code

Cordovan color is a unique shade of brown that is made by combining different proportions of white, black, and red. The result is a color that is both rich and deep, with a hint of warmth that makes it perfect for fall and winter. 

Cordovan has a long history, dating back to the days of the Spanish Empire. The name comes from the city of Córdoba in Spain, where the color was first used on leather goods. Today, Cordovan is still used on a variety of leather products, as well as on some paints and stains.

Chocolate - #7B3F00

Chocolate color code

Chocolate is a dark brown color, typically associated with the food of the same name. Chocolate brown is a color that is a shade of brown with a hint of red. 

The beans are roasted and then ground into a fine powder, which is used to make chocolate. Chocolate is a popular flavor for candy, desserts, and baked goods. It is also used in some savory dishes, such as mole sauce.

Coffee - #6F4E37

Coffee color code

It is made by combining dark roasted coffee beans with water to create a concentrated liquid that is then used to stain wood or paint. The coffee color can also be created by using a dark roast coffee bean and adding it to a clear glaze.

Dark Brown Wall Paintings

If you're looking for a way to add some drama to your home décor, dark brown wall paintings are a great option. These rich and bold hues can make any room feel more luxurious and sophisticated. Plus, they're perfect for creating a cozy and inviting space. Here are a few tips for using dark brown wall paintings in your home:

1. Use them as an accent wall. This color make a great statement when used as an accent wall. They can help to ground a room and make it feel more cohesive. Plus, they add a touch of drama that can really make a space pop.

2. Pair them with light colors. This contrast can help to brighten up a space and make it feel more open and airy. Try pairing dark brown wall paintings with white or light gray walls.

3. Use them in small spaces. They're perfect for creating a cozy nook or reading corner. Plus, they can help to make a small space feel more luxurious and sophisticated.

4. Mix and match different shades. Don't be afraid to mix and match different shades of dark brown wall paintings. This can help to add depth and interest to a space. Try pairing lighter and darker shades together for a dramatic effect.

5. Add texture. Adding texture to your dark brown wall paintings can really help to bring them to life. Try using a textured paint or incorporating other materials like stone or wood into your design. This will add dimension and interest to your walls.

Dark Granite - MEN7075-6

Dark Granite color code

If you're looking for a dramatic and sophisticated look for your home, consider dark granite. This rich, dark stone adds an elegant touch to any space, and it's perfect for creating a dramatic focal point in your kitchen or bathroom.

Granite is a durable material that can withstand years of use, and it's easy to care for. 


Sarsaparilla color code

Sarsaparilla is a wall painting color that comes from a plant in the Smilax genus. The color is typically a dark brown or black.

BirdHouse Brown

BirdHouse Brown color code

If you're looking for a rich, earthy brown color for your home, consider BirdHouse Brown. This warm, inviting shade is perfect for creating a cozy and inviting space. Whether you use it on your walls, floors, or furniture, BirdHouse Brown is sure to give your home a warm and inviting feeling.


Fudge color code

Looking for a unique and eye-catching paint color for your home? Consider fudge! This rich, chocolatey hue is perfect for creating a cozy and inviting space. Whether you use it on an accent wall or throughout your entire home, fudge is sure to make a statement.

Famous Paintings Used in Dark Brown

This color can be found in many different shades and hues, making it a versatile option for artists. Dark brown is often used to create a sense of depth and darkness, as well as to add contrast to lighter colors in a painting.

Some of the most famous paintings that feature dark brown include The Night Watch by Rembrandt, The Hay Wagon by Hieronymous Bosch, and The Raft of the Medusa by Theodore Gericault. 

These paintings are all examples of how dark brown can be used to create different moods and atmospheres in a painting.

Here are few examples:

The Night Watch 

The Night Watch painting

The painting depicts a group of Dutch soldiers in a night-time setting. The soldiers are shown in a very naturalistic way, as if they are actually standing in front of the viewer. The Night Watch is considered to be one of Rembrandt's greatest works. Img Source

The Raft of the Medusa

The Raft of the Medusa painting

Img Source

It depicts the aftermath of the wreck of the French ship Méduse, which ran aground off the coast of Senegal in 1816. 

The painting caused a sensation when it was first exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1819, and it remains an icon of the Romantic period.

The Méduse was carrying a group of French colonists to Senegal when it ran aground on a sandbank off the coast of Africa. 

The crew and passengers were stranded without food or water for 13 days, during which time many of them died of thirst or starvation. When rescue finally arrived, only 15 survivors were still alive.

Géricault was fascinated by the story of the Méduse and decided to create a large-scale painting depicting the survivors on their raft. He conducted extensive research, interviewing survivors and studying accounts of the shipwreck. 

He also visited morgues and hospitals to study corpses and study the effects of starvation and dehydration.

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa painting

It is a painting by Leonardo da Vinci that was completed in the early 16th century. It is a portrait of her and is believed to be a representation of ideal beauty. The painting has been praised for its realism and its use of light and shadow. Img Source

Las Meninas

Las Meninas painting

Few paintings are as enigmatic as Diego Velazquez's Las Meninas. Painted in 1656, the work depicts the Infanta Margarita Teresa, Velazquez's young daughter, surrounded by her ladies-in-waiting. But who are the other figures in the painting? And what is Velazquez trying to say?

One theory is that the painting is a portrait of the artist himself. Velazquez is shown reflected in a mirror at the back of the room, and he seems to be looking out at the viewer. This has led some to believe that Velazquez is inviting the viewer to step into the painting and become part of the scene.

Others have interpreted Las Meninas as a commentary on the nature of art and reality. The figures in the painting are all engaged in different activities, but they all seem to be aware of the viewer's presence. This has led some to believe that Velazquez is saying that art is not just about what we see, but also about how we are seen by others.


Nighthawks painting

Nighthawks is a 1942 painting by Edward Hopper that portrays people in a downtown diner late at night. The painting has been described as Hopper's most famous work and is one of the most recognizable paintings in American art.

Nighthawks has been interpreted in many ways. Some have seen it as a commentary on American society, with the people in the painting representing different aspects of American culture. Others have seen it as a simple portrayal of human loneliness and isolation. Image source

If you are interested in using dark brown in your own paintings, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

First, it is important to choose the right shade of dark brown for your painting. 

Second, you need to be careful not to use too much dark brown, as it can make a painting look too dark and dreary. 

Finally, remember that dark brown can be a great way to add contrast and depth to your paintings, so don’t be afraid to experiment with this color!

Dark Brown Color Names

Name Color Hex
Chocolate Brown #7B3F00
Mahogany #C04000
Coffee Brown #4B3621
Dark Sienna #3C1414
Umber #635147
Walnut #5D473A

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