Green White Orange Flag: 4 Country Flags with These Colors

May 12, 2024

There are many official flags with white, orange and green colors. In this article, we will examine the stories of these flags. We will discover that while the color choices are the same, the reasons are different.

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The universe meanings of these colors are as follows: Green, easy to guess. It represents nature. Preserving the balance of nature is the most important factor for the future of all people and of course countries.

However, orange represents vitality. And white also represents cleanliness. These are the general meanings of these colors. Let's examine together for what purposes the following countries used these colors.


Ireland flag

The Irish flag consists of three horizontal stripes. The colors green, white and orange are used in the flag. The flag has been officially used by the Irish state since 1922.

Color choices do not represent nature or nature on this flag. It has religious symbols. The orange side of the flag represents the Protestants. The green part was chosen to represent the Catholics. These two colors are on the right and left of the flag. The white color shows that these two different sects live in harmony. If there is harmony, both the flag and the nation will disappear.

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Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast flag

This flag may remind you of the Irish flag at first glance. But if you look carefully, you can easily see that the green and orange colors are placed on different sides.

The colors of the Ivory Coast flag are all about nature, with the orange on the left representing the savannah, and the green on the right representing the dense and fertile forests.

The flag has been used since 1959. If you've perused my other flag posts, you'll realize that this date is old enough.


Niger flag

This flag was adopted on the same dates as the Ivory Flag.

Unlike the two flags above, this flag's stripes are horizontal, not vertical. Orange, white and green colors are used on the flag, respectively.

While the color orange and green refer to nature, the color white represents the purity of the nation.


India flag

The adoption of this flag was in 1947. In fact, the largest country among the flags on the list is India. However, the reason why I put the flag at the end of the article is the blue symbol in the middle.

The name of this symbol is chakra.

Name Short Description
Ireland Horizontal stripes: green (Catholics), orange (Protestants), white (peace)
Ivory Coast Vertical stripes: orange (savannah), white, green (forests)
Niger Horizontal stripes: orange, white (purity), green (nature)
India Horizontal stripes: green, white, orange with a blue chakra in the middle

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