+10 October Colors: Meaning Behind Fall's Tones

October colors are the month that gives us the feeling of autumn most intensely. Because summer has just ended. Trees begin to shed rain this month. From green to brown, from brown to yellow, a sad but glorious journey begins.

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Fashion has tried every color, since the 70s, all colors have found a place in the world of design. But rather than bright and phosphorescent colors, bright colors have gained a fixed place in fashion.

While all other colors were in fashion for a short time, the calm tones of autumn always found a place in the fashion field, as well as in the decoration field.

It is correct to express the month of October with fallen leaves, but it can also be incomplete.  Because, along with this, the colors of the vegetables and fruits grown in that period also change.

Of course, the main reason for this change is the temperature differences that occur. 

Roasted citrus fruits begin to grow, and dull-toned foods such as zucchini potatoes begin to form.

This helps us to see how great harmony nature is. If you want to spot different types of trees, autumn is a great time to do so.

October colors are usually in brown tones, we often see these colors in the autumn collections of famous brands. Small differences occur, but the result does not change.

There are no sharp transitions in nature. Summer does not turn into winter, and winter does not turn into summer. There are always transitions. We see these transitions in October colors as well.

Main October Colors

We examined the nature of October in general terms. Now let's examine the prominent colors of this season one by one.


Brown color hex

We have often talked about this color in our other articles. Let's look at the reflection of brown in different cultures this time. How the same color can have so many different meanings, it's really hard to understand...

In Western culture, especially in North America, this color represents strength and security in general. Perhaps such a result may have been due to solid woods.

In Japanese culture, the meaning of brown is loyalty. It means respect for the house, the hearth, the nature... all these, the values that keep us alive.


Orange Color Hex

Orange does not have the same meaning in every culture. I attribute the reason why colors are given different meanings to frequency and scarcity. Of course, in a nature where orange is seen very often, this color will see more value.

In the West, this color represents energy. In the Far East, it means change and transformation.

Dark Red

Dark Red color hex

This hue is the boldest of the planting colors. It represents power and lust. 

It is also the biggest harbinger of the arrival of last spring. Because some leaves turn red before turning yellow.

october colors

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