Brownish Red Color

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Brownish red is a boxy shade of red. It lies between brown and red just like the name indicates.  It is a dark shade but not too dark; it's actually brighter than the orange color. 

Best Combination

Brownish Red Color

It is also a little bit lighter than other shades of red. It is a mix of higher saturated darker shades of red and brown, giving a beautiful combination.

Brown is a warm color, orange generates happiness and yellow generates cheerfulness. This creates a pleasant and merry environment. Red indicates enthusiasm and signifies light-heartedness.

It has been found to be associated with many different kinds of diseases. These types of eye conditions include glaucoma, hyperopia, strabismus and amblyopia. 

The difficulties experienced by most people are mainly the inability in judging both red and green hues, being unable to differentiate between these colors accurately leads to misattribution of them. 

These colors are generally light in saturation, so it’s essential to choose a shade that has enough contrast from other elements on your page, such as your headers or links, without clashing. Below are some beautiful examples of brownish red color.

Brownish Red in Interior Design

This color is a warm blend of red and orange, representing creativity and positivity. Whether you are choosing this paint for your home or just looking for inspiration to add a few accents, here are some brownish red color suggestions.

It's a good central color as it can blend in with many different shades, such as pastels, browns, yellows/oranges, reds and purples. Use brownish red to create a soft feel for your living space. You can add this color by painting trim or places where you really want an accent wall.

A variety of materials and different types of surface can provide a brown paint finish. Natural objects that exhibit a brown pigment or substance are usually considered brown for the purpose of designating a color.

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