Vermilion Color

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Vermilion color, from ancient Roman, China, was used frequently in ancient times. It is a color invented by old color production technologies.

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Vermilion Color
Vermilion Color

Warm red, or rich orange? Vermilion is the color of blood and fire, so it should be used carefully. 

With its glow of energy, vermilion gives life to new beginnings. But with this power also comes the chance that it may be overused. 

Take some time to learn a bit more about this color, how you can use it in your web design, and why it’s not for every website. 

There are over 16 million colors in the RGB color space available to computer displays. But only thousands of these can be named. It's therefore no surprise that many variations on pure color exist. Pure colors, in fact, are often thought of as little more than combinations of light, even though they are.

Vermilion is one of the three primary red pigments in fortification with alum, alumina, and sulfate used as a pigment in traditional Chinese painting, and historically had been considered emblematic of the supreme harmony between Yin and Yang.

It is a pure red with a brilliant hue close to that of blood. The Chinese believed that vermilion ink could drive out an evil spirit that had possessed you, so it was said that you must never read letters written with vermilion.

Vermilion Color in interior Design

Incorporate vermilion in your interior design! Fiery vermilion creates lush, luxurious surroundings. An intense red tone of earthy yellow, it suggests warmth and comfort, which is why it is extensively used in fall colors. 

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This color is a color of deep blood red which is orange in the association. It is the warm and intense hue of red color that can create dramatic lighting effects to your house decor. When you use it then it makes the room seems captured whether it’s a white, black, blue, or yellow color theme room. 

It may give a surprisingly bold statement in your interior decoration. Vermilion tone also has good compatibility or matches with such shades as pink and burgundy.

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