Hot Pink

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As you can notice, Hot pink color represent sexy things. It’s the nature of the color. No judge. 

The pink triangle, left continuously in a tone of hot pink, was utilized as pride and gay rights emblem since the early 1970s.

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Hot Pink
Hot Pink HEX code

The hot pink color is full of energy and does not go undetected.  It's provocative and daring, continually making a statement.  Hot pink is young, lively, and electrical. 

The color hot pink / Sexy pink with hexadecimal color code #ff69b4 is a moderate pale color of pink.   From the HSL color space, #ff69b4 includes brightness of 330° (levels ), 100% hardness, and 71 percent lightness.  

Hex code of hot pinks is #ff69b4

Hot Pink Color in Fashion Design

This pink is a mixture of red and white, and the hot pink color in fashion design has a strong visual contrast.

It is very useful for evening dresses, and it can create a dazzling effect on your clothing, with an underlying playfulness or sense of irony. Fashion designers have also used this color.

Every industry is raving about hot pink these days. 

As it turns out, it has been there all along. 

It might have been overlooked or underrated but it is surely here to stay. 

You can find hot pink being paired up with other colors and you will always be amazed on how great these colors actually look together. 

Unlike other hues of pink, this specific shade is just bold, strong and super-crisp!

Hot Pink Color in Interior Design

It is a great choice for the home, especially if you like to add some glamorous touches to your design. In fact, this color is one of the most eye-catching ones and works great in both modern and traditional interiors

Typically considered as a shade of red, it represents love, lust, beauty and femininity

That’s why so many interior designers use it to achieve stunning, alluring and at the same time sophisticated looks.

To the incredulous that have yet to learn the potential of this color, it can be an excellent complement for other designs. 

Some of its positive aspects include adding that little bit of feminine flare and warmth to what would otherwise appear to be a blatant cold and masculine space.

In the words of Dr. Sheldon Cooper: “I like hot pink”. 

And if you happened to watch the hit TV show ‘Big Bang Theory’, you must have noticed that he always sleeps under a blanket with a hot pink border. 

It might seem strange that for someone who never seems to care about his appearance does have an obsession for pink. 

But there is a bigger picture behind hot pink in interior design: the psychological one! It is not only good as a color therapeutic technique but also great for mood enhancement, uplifting your spirits, and even helping you fight depression.

Hot Pink Color in Branding

When it comes to branding, choosing the right color can be a very important process. As you probably know, colors can have different meanings depending on how they are used in your brand palette. 

One of the best colors for your brand is hot pink because it evokes feelings of happiness and confidence while still standing out.

You probably already know how precious it is to find the perfect pink tones.

Perhaps, you are searching for a color that is just slightly different from a photo but totally matches your branding. 

Regardless of why you are searching for a color, you are probably looking for a specific equation that defines the right color.

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Have a nice day. 

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