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Neon Pink
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In a fashion world, 2019 was a year of neon. I hope this trend is going to finish in 2020. 

Neon Pink in Interior Design

The thought of such color may conjure up an impression of a feminine room; thus, to preserve the masculinity of the space from being offset by the femininity, an equal amount of masculine accents must be added to the interior design plan

Added masculine elements are not hard to find since you can always find something that is strong and noticeable for you to incorporate into your neon pink designs.

The experts in the field of interior design have decided to use this color in different mechanisms. It is an extremely effective way to add freshness and splash of color to your interiors. 

At the same time, you could use various techniques like wall murals, neon lights or cushions to bring out the best results.

A designer of neon pink will derive its attributes from its complementary colors, such as yellow. Neon pink is often paired in a design with neutral and bold shades to create an impact. 

When choosing a color scheme for your home or office, make sure you have enough space, and consider the amount of foot traffic that will be using the space. 

For instance, bedrooms and living rooms tend to receive more wear and tear, as opposed to hallways or bathrooms.

Neon Pink in Fashion

Neon pink in fashion first appeared in the 1960s, and was popularized by tennis star Billie Jean King

She wore a hot pink (Neon) pleated skirt while competing and the rest is history – or should I say fashion? 

Neon pink has come a long way from being just a color of an article of clothing to the main fashion trend of the season. 

It was even named Pantone's Color of the Year for 2013-2014 as well.

It is an interesting color and can make a bold statement when it is strategically used in a design scheme. 

Neon Pink in fashion does add a punch of color to your jeans and t-shirts ensuring that you will always stand out in the crowd.

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