Neon Pink Color HEX Code

In the fashion world, 2019 was a year of neon. I hope this trend was getting to finish in 2020. 


But it comes to neon pink; it's the right choice to web design. Here is the HEX code above. 
This webpage lists more comprehensive info concerning the hex colour code #ff6ec7(also called neon pink colour ). At a RGB color space, hex #ff6ec7 consists of 255(100 percent ) red, 110(43.14%) green and 199(78.04%) blue. At a CMYK colour space, it includes 0 % cyan, 56.86percent magenta, 21.96% yellow and 0% black. It's a colour angle of 323.17 levels, a saturation of 100 percent plus a lightness of 71.57 percent.


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