Prussian Blue

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Prussian blue is a very and very dark blue tone. It is so dark that even black tones can find its place in its collection.

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Prussian Blue
Prusian Blue Color

The color named Prussian Blue comes from the Prussian state, and Germany in general. This dark blue was made famous by the uniforms worn by officers in the Prussian Army, particularly those who served in Berlin during the 17th and 18th centuries. 

The blue uniform with black buttons that many German soldiers wore during this period was known as Zietenblau, named after the Battle of Waterloo commander Field Marshal Gebhard von Blücher. 

Sadly, this blue became connected with death when the uniforms were worn by Napoleon’s killed soldiers.

Prussian Blue Color in Car Design

The emotional bond between the color and the owner puts Prussian Blue at the top of nearly all lists of favorite colors. It is known as the color of style, sophistication, harmony, intelligence and dignity. It suits any clothes and accessories. 

The unique ability to radiate warmth gives it the power to change negative emotions to positive ones. 

Racing cars come in a wide range of colors. But there is a thin line between matching your prussian blue color in car design and building your racing exterior in bluish purple. 

Prussian Blue Color in Web Design

Prussian Blue is a distinctive color that often appears as the secondary color in triadic color schemes. It is a strong, cool, and pure color that is highly noticeable. This shade of blue was adopted as Prussian Blue by the Ministry of War in 1810 by Frederick William III of Prussia.

When working with the dark blue color, you may either use the suitable Prussian blue color font or paint in it directly by a brush or an airbrush. The latter method is of course more applicable if you are creating a web design with your own hands.

Prussian Blue Color in Logo Design

Using this in your logo design can create a very compelling effect. That color is the best color for improving a logo’s attention-grabbing power. 

This means that using this blue in your logo will make it more memorable and help you build trust and credibility with your customers.

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